Sum up - 2009

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It would be fair say this year hasn't been particularly tense or emotional as last year. First time in a long while where nothing has really changed all that much. We haven't moved house, we haven't got pregnant, I am still breastfeeding, we haven't had any major injuries between the four of us it's just been a nice and quiet year.

January 2009
We went away for a week for Ian's 33rd birthday stayed in a cottage just outside of Newcastle, it was really nice to have the space and be able to have people round. Me and Ellen had our first photo shoot with a stranger, my 2nd ever and it had been a year since my previous one. Ian also wore my purple flares for last NYE which amused me muchly. I won the title of 2008 21st Century Pin-up which was a massive thing for me, huge competition gorgeous girls, it was amazing that me a mother of two who isn't skinny nor particularly attractive won.

February 2009
We had some really heavy snow and the kids loved it! Laurence was at nursery and had settled at this point and enjoyed it lots.
March 2009
My 23rd Birthday, I can't remember it very well. We went to Center Parcs with my family in March but Ian couldn't get the time off I was mega mega stressed as the kids were really too young to do anything there and I couldn't manage taking them swimming or anything on my own. It was cold and I was a grumpy git. I did enjoy the squirrels though. I have just been looking at the pics and I remember going on a really nice walk with our friends Ellen and Nick and taking a bazillion photos.

April 2009
April the first! April Fools day! My daughters birthday. I am sure she is going to get really bored of my husband pretending we haven't got her any presents! I made her a Care Bear cake, at that time Friend Bear was her favourite toy she took it everywhere. We had a little tea party but I don't remember it all that well, my Nan was moving house on the same day so that was more intense and crazy I remember my Nan was really ill on the day they moved.

May 2009
Laurence's birthday he was 4 whole years old! Meaning he was going to have to start school in September and I was going to have to let the hell go. His birthday was more fun that Vee's! Nothing much else going on. We made him a Postman Pat SDS Van cake and went to soft play. All Laurence wanted for his birthday was a cuckoo clock. I don't know where he got the idea from, we got him one that has a cat inside that has eaten a bird. Much more amusing than a regular cuckoo clock. Laurence also got a hamster called Nicole for his birthday from his Aunty Ellen and Uncle Nick.

June 2009
Quiet month. Consisted mostly of visits to the beach, lighthouse, parks and we also went to the local Green festival. Nothing particularly wow! I don't have any pics of terrible rain so I presume it was a good time for laundry last June! :)

July 2009
My niece had her first Birthday, little Charlie turned 1. I remember her birthday but mostly because the week after the kids were really ill and had conjunctivitis and a flu type thing, then I got ill too and it was just awful. One thing I hate most about being a mother is illness for two reasons, firstly there is nothing worse that seeing your babies ill, secondly if you fall ill you can't rest up and get better you just have to get the hell on with things.

August 2009
We had a trip down south to see family and friends. Always such a nightmare drive with two kids in the car for 4-5 hours but on the way up we stopped a couple of times and it wasn't so bad. I love how the kids somehow manage to make a massive mess in Travelodges even though there is virtually no furniture in there. This was the month I also go my gorgeous Madame le Strange creation and had my first Hourglass shoot. Which was just amazing, so much so I have booked another for my birthday in March. It was also our 7th wedding anniversary on the 17th. Every year I am shock we have managed to make it another year! Me and an my husband has a very honest relationship which can at times be pretty fiery.

September 2009
I had a couple of shoots with the fabulous Greg Sanders friend and down trodden, bullied, victimised shop assistant, he still manages to be perky though and his pics are fabulous. One of the shoots I had the pleasure of wearing an Able Grable frock designed by my wonderful friend Miss Matilda. My friendship with Miss M is one of the best things that 2009 has given to me, I enjoy her 'company' and conversations very much. September also brought my sister's wedding, chaotic, crazy, I hate going to weddings with the kids but we made it out alive.

October 2009
October was a pretty quiet month up until the last week. Laurence was on half term and had a Halloween party. He didn't want to go as something scary so he went as Superman, Violet went as Fire Witch, Ian went as Freddy Krueger (again!), I went as a (not too) Wenchy Pirate. I have to admit the kids Mum did a really good job at organising the party even though she is someone I probably wouldn't choose to spend time with. I took some delicious and gorgeous cakes from Loopy's Cupcakes, we snaffled about 5 of the 24 we took. I had an awesome Christmas themed shoot with Yvette Bessels, fabulous tog I really enjoyed working with her! I had another shoot with a another tog but it's so awful it isn't worth mentioning what an absolute time waster.

November 2009
Didn't get to go out for Bonfire Night because Ian was working, which is shame because we normally go out and get some stuff from the chippy and sit on the Quayside and watch the Fireworks on the opposite side of the river on Dock Road. How tight are we?? The handy thing is that we can even see them from the warmth of the car. Ellen and Nick did bring some sparklers, Laurence loved them Violet wasn't so sure. I had a shoot with Sarah Chappell absolutely diamond lady. She came up a massive hill with all her kid in the rain despite being pregnant and feeling sickly. I really appreciate it, we got some funky unusual images. I really like location shoots.

December 2009.
Never have I seen or been forced to live with a child as hyper as Laurence was this month. Bouncing off the walls! I think him being at school full time has made him worse because he has been feeding off the excitement of other children. He was getting up at 5:00am just to open his advent calendar. I was quite organised this year up until all the stuff with the swine flu kicked off. We still managed to have a lovely Christmas just the 4 of us. It was the first Christmas since Violet was born that we haven't had people round it was really fab. Also just before Christmas my Dad invited my Mum and Step Dad round for dinner, it was a big thing for them and it meant a lot to my Nana. We went round to my Dad's on NYE for a curry. I did then manage to slip on his steep hill death trap of an icy drive and bruise my tushie. I am less than pleased about that!

It's New Years day now. I am looking forward to seeing with 2010 has to bring us 4 Edwards'! I already have a shoot on the 15th and 16th to look forward to. Ian's birthday is also on the 13th which is a nice event to slip us into the year!

I hope anyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and I am sending you warm, best wishes for 2010.

D x

Vintage Style Trousers

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Vivien of Holloway vs HeyDay

I am also going to review the stores while I am here because one has a much better level of customer service than the other.

Firstly Viven of Holloway

I ordered a pair of their 1940's style trousers. I know they are mega famous for their halter dresses (the world and their cousin has one especially the spotty ones, can't complain though I love my Purple gingham one!). I ordered a grey pair, they emailed to say they didn't have the grey, I asked for the red, they emailed back to say they didn't have the red, I emailed again to ask which ones they did have, they replied to say they had none in my size and that I would have to wait. Why they didn't do that in the first place I don't know! However eventually they came in and I couldn't get grey, nor red and I ended up getting purple.

The trousers I can't really fault. Lots of people are put off by the vintage sizing, I am a vintage 16 or a modern 12 it doesn't bother me particularly. The fit of the trousers are lovely and very slimming, I love the detail of the pocket. The purple is a bit drab but I really like them, just struggle to find things to match the shade.

Hey Day

I have a pair of the Chocolate Swing Trousers from Hey Day as modelled on the site by the beautiful Fleur De Guerre and the customer service from Shona is absolutely second to none, I had asked her numerous questions about sizing, my friend is getting a custom pair of trousers made and she has been an absolute doll. The selection of colour is amazing and also Hey Day uses regular modern day sizing which I know a lot people prefer.

I much prefer the fit and fabric of my trousers from Hey Day and they feel lots more comfortable. There is a smidge or stretch that you don't get with the VoH ones and also I think they wash and iron better. I do miss the pocket detail a bit from the Viv of Holloway ones but the Hey Day ones are a much nicer pair of trousers and I would recommend them more.

I would also like to add I have quite a sizeable arse and this style of trousers look really good on me, they make my curves look nice. So if you want to treat yourself to some vintage style trousers in the New Year I would recommend HeyDay highly!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

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So it's almost Christmas its -6 degrees outside what have I been rummaging through ebay/etsy for, Vintage swimsuits! I have a shoot in January and I want to do a summery theme! Also I have been wanting to audition for our local operatic society's production of South Pacific this could have inspired me also. Also the lovely lady from Notorious Kitsch posted a link to her ebay listings on Twitter and I fell in love with her vintage cossie sadly it would have been a bit too small on me :( so I didn't bid too high.

They seem to be a lot more forgiving than modern swimsuits after all I have had two children and I covered in stretchmarks especially as Laurence was 9lb 10oz my 5'4 and half inch body wasn't meant to be stretch in that way!

You can of course get some vintage inspired swimwear from For Luna gorgeous selection and a wonderful service. I would need a cossie because my belly button is defunked but the bikinis have nice deep bottoms to cover that nasty bit you get under your tummy when you have sprogged.

I am wanting something with a bit of a ditzy floral pattern. I love this one on Etsy but I think it would probably be a bit large. I have my beady eye on a couple on ebay which I might get for a steal.

We have had some gorgeous snow up North here lately, in fact all over the UK but now it is just all ice and it's so dangerous and slippy outside. I am so excited for Christmas. Here is a photo of my mischievous son playing in the snow.

Long week ahead...

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Can't quite believe Laurence is finished at school for Christmas a whole week before the big day, he is a totally big hyper lump of boy! He's a nutter, luckily we are most sorted, we just need to get some stuff for his stocking so were are having a quick scuttle down town on Christmas Eve, I think it's nice to soak up some of the atmosphere. It's so nice to see him so excited but he is going to be very hard work. He keeps waking up at 5:00am just to open his advent calendar.

I am making more of an effort to sort Violet on the potty, without grossing people out too much we have the hang of Number 1's she just waits for a nappy for the other kind. Fingers crossed we will crack it the week before New Years when Ian is home the whole time.

We are having a nice quiet Christmas at home just the 4 of us. My Nana said she would pop in for a bit in the morning and we said we would go to my Mum's for a little while in the evening but most of the day it will just be us and it's fab we have had people the last two Christmases.

Bought a bargain dress from Pin-Up Parade! if you aren't familiar with this site already and you like a gorgeous frock you should go and have a look see!

I got all the bits and bobs for my friend Ellen's main Christmas present, I hope she likes it. I put tonnes of thought into it and even a smidge of sewing, not as much as I had intended to.

I finally got some pics from a shoot I did 7 weeks ago, they are mega raw so I have just messing with the levels to eek the background out. I think some of them are cute, they all look a bit 80's!
But I don't think it's a bad thing. I was wearing my Alan Windram t-shirt but you can't really see it. I am SOOOO excited about seeing him again in Feb. Melty soul voice magic!

Good times with Good People!

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I love Christmas, I am finally getting enveloped in that festive feeling and it makes me happy! :) Had my bestest mates round last night and we made duck happen and had mulled wine and it was just lovely. Ellen & Nick and myself went out, got my hair all nice tried on a bazillion outfits got myself all grumpy before I even left, I ended up going for a cute little purple frock because I couldn't find the bra that was compatible with the Red one. Humf!

We also had some gorgeous cinnammon and white chocolate Cupcakes from LoopysCupcakes! They were the business!

Not got any pics of myself! By the time a pic was taken of me my hair had fallen down! Boooooo!

Rough as Get Oot....

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as my mother would say!

Last weekend (Fri the 20th of November) I went out with my friend with the intention of being a lady and remaining sober surprisingly after drinking a bottle of wine, two cocktails followed by another glass of wine I got a little bit rat arsed. However I wear a super cute little outfit my Able Grable Floral Scarlet Street blouse with some HeyDay high waisted trousers and got plenty of compliments from both ladies and gents.

Since being fragile from the alcohol I have been nursing something between a cold and a flu, and we had visitors, on top of which I have had an assignment to do (which I have just sent away this morning, so I am treating myself to a week off).

I got my full high res disc from Sarah Chappell and the pics are awesome! This one is probably my favourite but my skin is such a let down, I have been on this anti biotic stuff for about 9 months now and my skin is still awful I have a face full of craters now and I feel disgusting. I have been given the chance of a shoot on Wednesday but I don't know whether I can do it because of my acne, unless I can strategically place my hands and hair, because she wants to do head shots.

Musical Feminist

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I am bit small minded when it comes to music, about 95% of the music I listen to is all women. It's not that I don't like listening to men, I just prefer a womans voice. I only listen to 3 blokes particularly regularly Alan Windram, Paul Heaton and Neil Finn. I heard a girl of 17 on Friday and it's inspired me to blog about it she had a gorgeous, warm voice which pulled my heart strings.

I am pretty much out of touch with modern music now to, I listen to stuff that I like and that's about it. I do sometimes listen to a compact disc(!), we have a massive separates system including massive lead weighted speakers which take up loads of space in my lounge. I still really want a NAD amp to match my CD player, the same one that Rob had in High Fidelity. I would want the same sort of 90's finish that mine has though. I am coming across like a proper nerd now, I did used to read What-Hifi though.

I am quite emotional person so I tend to get absolutely sucked in and feel it, I find it easier with a female voice probably because I am female, but then I am over analysing now. I almost can't listen to the song 'Brick' by Ben Folds Five since I found out it was about abortion, it makes me cry like a nutter.

Here are some of the women who make me want to get into music again and be able to express myself in that way. And some of the albums that have sort of shaped me into the woman I am. Or some of the wailing white women that annoy my husband, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

1. Shea Seger - has an amazing sort of country voice, she has only released one album 'The May St Project' I was lucky enough to see her live when she was supporting Toploader (Snarf!). I love all the songs on her album but I guess 'Clutch' and 'I Love You Too Much' are the high points. Also on one of the 2 music videos she did she had these amazing Green trousers on, I have been trying to find a pair similar for about 11 years.

2. Lisa Loeb - my favourite Lisa Loeb song is 'Sandalwood' you can tell this by the fact when I sing along to it I close my eyes. I have dived in and I am swimming in it and it's beautiful. Her best albums in my opinion are 'Firecracker' and 'Tails' one of her songs was on the Legally Blonde soundtrack (might have even been the sequel which is worse) and I found a couple of her albums a bit swoozy (is that even a word?) and Poppy.

3. Lisa Richards - I picked up a promo for liked £2 in Steels Wheels in Newcastle. Picked up utterly by chance, it had a chick on the front had about 21 tracks on it and I figured what is the worst thing that could happen? Her voice is probably more whiney that the other ladies I normally listen too but her songs are amazing and her lyrics top notch.

4. Beth Orton - Her voice is just mind blowing, sort of like Dido but a million times better. Also she is responsible for my all time favourite song 'Devil Song'. Another closed eyes sing along track.

5. Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) - I think I prefer her solo stuff, and her version of 'Because the Night' is the best I have ever heard. I think I had to liken my own voice to anyone it would probably be Natalie Merchant. My recordings on Myspace were done when I was 17 and my voice has grown up a lot since then, it's all the better for singing the Timmy Time theme tune. 'Kind and Generous' by Natalie Merchant is an uplifting song although I think it could be received as sarcastic too with the 'la-las' but that could just be me being British.

I want to do music again but it needs to be stuff that I want to do which is why I am pretty desperate to learn guitar. I have lots of pent up emotion, I remember the joy of releasing it through music I don't want to be a front woman I just want to be on my own with it.

If you managed to read all that without falling asleep go and make yourself a cup of tea

Dear Santa....

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I know it's dead early but I am doing myself a little Christmas list. No-one will read it or buy anything from it (my family don't even know I do any modelling anyway!).
Just for a little laugh..!

I haven't wrote poetry in about 10 years some of my rhyming may be dubious!

Santa, santa I've been ever so good!
I want pretty gifts not smellies and food
Too much chocolate that I can't bear to eat
Or nasty garish socks for my cute little feet.
Instead bring my slinky and beautiful things
Gifts to delight me and make me sing.

Lack of pennies is ever so tiring
I have been lusting after several things from Mint Siren
Uma Girdle or Sheryl Bandeau
The perfect gift for Dee La Beau

I have 2 already they're ever so sweet!
I want every colour of Scarlet Street!
I am one of Able Grable's biggest fans
I am very excited about Miss M's future plans.
The new Dream Girl dress I think I need!
I'm going to save up, I hope I succeed!

As for La Magia, don't get my started!
My wishlist from there is not for the faint hearted
Kiss Me Deadly, Maya Hansen, Velda Lauder
Don't even know what first to order!

It's probably just as well that Pin Up Parade is closed!
My list is so long it shouldn't be exposed.
Stretchy comfy goodness from Mode Merr!
Tonnes of pretty dresses I'd just LOVE to wear!

My favourite green snood hat is falling apart.
Can't really complain it was £2 for a start.
Have a browse in Miss Sweet's Boutique
For hairflowers and fascinators all so unique.

Forgive me, I am not filled with this much greed
None of these things I actually need.
All the people close to me now
They make it all perfect and work somehow.
I am proud of the lady I have became
I now forget the past and placing the blame.
Family is so important, I'll always remember
To spend time with those I love especially in December.

The Mama in Me!

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Haven't talked about my Mummying for a while so I thought I'd just have a bit of a maternal rant at you.

Laurence was on half term two weeks ago, Ian was working most of it, he is a hyper little bundle of crazy my little man, he just can't sit still he has so much energy but he is so well mannered and has such a posh accent. He is very protective over his sister too.

I was explaining to him recently about being a gentleman and how there aren't many of them left in the world. Not long after this discussion I caught him pushing his sister on the stairs. I said 'Laurence why are you pushing your sister? Don't you remember what were were talking about before about you being a gentleman?'. He replied 'It's Violet's turn to be the gentleman?' Not sure he grasped the concept.

Had his parents evening too, his teacher said he was prone to tantrums and was a little bit self centred, but he was very clever and his vocabulary was amazing. Laurence is one of the youngest in the year and he was the centre of my world for two and a half years, he never had a babysitter and I dedicated my life to him until his sister arrived then I had to be sliced in two.

Violet is just Violet! She is such a little oddball, I said that the day I brought her home. Oddball with a pinhead! My labour with her was an absolute delight, really she popped out like a jellybean, 6 hours after she was born I was making coffees and teas for a house for of people. I felt like Superwoman! Vee is a little pain, she doesn't sleep through, she is still breastfeeding, she has such a temper. Girls are so much harder than boys in my opinion.

They are such little stars though, after all I went through to get them both they are more than worth all the work. I love them so much, I just need them.

Catching Up!

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Getting very lazy with my blog! How naughty of me, think I am probably going to have to change my address for it anyway, TrixyDee is making me feel sick whenever I see it now.

I got a couple of sets of pics in the last week or so, the first ones are from the gorgeous little Yvette Bessels, who did a shoot with me in Banana Studios in Byker (yep as in Grove) this place is fab and very accomodating, they gave us two HUGE bags of fake snow to play with. I took my gorgeous friend Ellen along for some Christmassy fun too. Here are two of my favourite pics from the shoot.

I also had a freezing cold shoot in the woods yesterday! It was so much fun and Sarah Chappell is such a lovely gal, fab and easy to talk to. I hope she didn't mind me dragging her up hills on a cold, wet, freezing day especially when she is in the family way. Not sure which pic is my fave yet but here is one of me looking friggin' nails! If your interested I am wearing the ever so elegantly named 'Danielle' corset but the wonderful Madame Le Strange - You need one


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Just a couple of piccies from my latest shoot with Greg Sanders, you know the one, I have mentioned him once or twice before. Lovely bloke and sterling friend to both me and my husband. Cakes provided by Loopy's Cupcakes. If you are on facebook, I'd love to see you become a fan of little ol' me there too!

The second pic is very me! It sums me up in a picture! Girly, cake loving, laughing nutter! Don't have much to say already falling behind with my Uni, having a mad catch up night tonight.


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Aww had a fab day, the kids went to a party and got all dressed up! I went as a pirate but my husband takes rubbish photos!

Here's my baby boy, he was Superman he didn't want to be anything scary, I can see him 'flying' around the house. Although he doesn't call hims Superman, he calls him 'Rescue Man' which is a lot more to the point. He was so swift it was a struggle to get a pic of him but this one has all the wind and bonkers he was displaying at the time.

My baby girl was just a generic flame fairy which type thing! My mum just got back from holiday today and bought my Vee a Hello Kitty which she just refused to remove.

I have also had two shoots in the last 3 days, I am really looking forward to seeing the results. I might have another shoot on Wednesday but it really depends on the weather.

1985 Flake Girl

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I have never been told I look like anyone before, MissMatilda's recent look-a-likey discovery has prompted me to blog about a likeness she noticed after my AbleGrable pics were taken. I have a kind of a weird face. Massive bonky eyes completely different sizes, a Chris Eubank nose and huge fat lips. Until I got boobies my nickname was JoobJoobs based on my lips. Naturally as soon as I woke up with a huge chest my nickname took a slightly more filth ridden turn.

However after I had my piccies taken by the wonderful Greg Sanders with his bag of super kit and super masculine jaw, Miss Matilda pointed out that I resembled a girly, Janis Levy (who is not dead despite The Sun saying she was) on a flake ad from 1985 (a year before I was even born). So I did a bit of research and I have to agree! Here are the pics

Freebie 5! Randy Thursday!

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Ok, I know it's childish and high schooly! I had a pretty good naughty dream last night so this is going to ease my inner heightened sexual desire. For those who don't know what Freebie 5 is, its 5 celebrities I am allowed to sleep with and my husband isn't allowed to get mad.

I have a notoriously bad taste in men! We are not talking like David Beckham and Sting, we are talking Shaun Ryder, Steve Buscemi bad. I came up with the theory that because I prefer scary looking or creepy/geeky guys I am more evolved because I go for guys that other women don't tend to go for, therefore less competition, therefore more chance to reproduce.

So here is my Freebie 5! In no particular order.

Tim Roth

Bill Bailey

T.J. Thyne

Anthony Stewart Head

David Mitchell

No Point Feeling Like a Big Fat Ugly Failure!

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So I failed my driving test today! The most ridiculous thing ever, the reverse parallel park, so peed off with myself because I had went out and practiced and got perfect about 10 of 'em before the test. Oh well. I only had 4 minor mistakes and I think you are allowed 15, so I can drive, I know I am a good driver Bob must have been picky. Gone are the days where you can show a bit of cleavage to see you through a driving test. It's all such a clinical experience. I think he might of been bored of me talking all the time. Eeesh.

I am drowning my sorrows with some Malibu and pineapple! I am such a classy bird.

Anyway 3 shoots lines up!

One Christmas themed one with Yvette Bessels which I am so excited about I could actually burst. My second one is on Halloween but I intend to rock the Neon Corset and a Gold Vinyl dress with Rebekah Kitchell. My third is in the first week in November with Sarah Chappell another lass from Berwick at a sort of dirty grungey location near a beach. It's a kind of a bunker sort of thing that kids have obviously used for drinking and getting high but I like it. It kind of shows that my hometown isn't just full of elderly folks! I really want to wear some Alan Windram stuffs, you should download his album if you haven't already. I don't get to play Number 1 fan very often.

Myspace the Home of the Perverts!

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Don't get me wrong I love Myspace, it was pretty good when I was doing music in fact it is the only place I have my music now, I don't even think I have an actual CD of the music I recorded anymore.

I have discovered lately that your proper top class nutter can generally be found on Myspace. Last week sometime I had someone whose name was 'DISGUSTING A**HOLE' oh yes in caps try and add me as a friend. I declined.

Just a couple of days ago I got a pretty horrific message from a guy on Myspace saying that he wanted to strangle me, slit my throat and do a whole manner of other filth to me. I don't doubt he probably sent exactly the same message to other chicas but it was still pretty disturbing. I really like myspace generally, use it to find local peeps and people who sell stuff for burlesquey costumes for my shoots, I wouldn't be without it but from now on I am going to only add people who have at least some mutual friends or similar interests.

On a happier note I have three shoots lined up all completely different, the last one in the first week of November will involve me standing on a roof in little clothing :) Should be chilly!

I got a very cute handmade dress off ebay for £2! I love it, it fits me so well you'd think it was made for me.

I have decided to Donate Eggs

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This is neither about modelling nor motherhood to be honest, but is a big big decision for me. It will involve a lot of personal inconvenience and discomfort for myself for something that might not even work, it might not result in a child for anyone

I just can't imagine my life without my children, as crazy hard work as it is, I mean I remember times when Ian was working away for 4-5 months where I really felt that I couldn't cope, I just wanted to run away. Laurence was 2 and a half and Violet was about 9 months old. I remember the miscarriages, and all the trying (have you seen Maybe Baby?). But I feel like that's all done for me now. My husband has had the snip and I don't feel (at the moment anyway) that I want anymore children. I am not sure I could put myself through pregnancy and the first 3 months of shock and tiredness.

So does that mean therefore I have to endure another 30 years of menstruation for no reason? I can't really take any form of contraception. Personally I think it looks a bit suss going on the pill/depo when my husband has been snipped. Egg donation is one of the ways I can use my fertility and not go through the pains, the temper and the disgusting for no reason.

I tend not to let my brain go as far as thinking of someone else having a child from my eggs. As far as I am concerned if they have left my body they are no longer mine, just like any other secretions. I don't really concern myself imagining people walking around with my donated blood glugging inside them.

I have just filled out the forms and stuff but will have to wait until Violet, my 2yr 7month old to decide she no longer needs breastfed! I should probably be embarrassed really, but knowing that I'm not having any more babies wants me to preserve their baby ways for as long as possible. She only feeds at night now anyway.

The kids were well worth all the stress we had to get them and all the work they have been since they have arrived. I was never a family orientated person until I had them. My family dumped on me way too many times, I was just a bargaining tool used for money or an inconvenience when both my parents were busy. I adore and love every bone in my kids' bodies. All I want is to do a better job than my parents did.

First Gig in 5 years!

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I used to love music it was a massive part of my life for a long time, I enjoyed singing and making music with like minded people but I guess my priorities in life changed when I had Laurence. Everything shifted.

The last gig I went to was Electric Six in December 2004? Or something ridiculous. I did go to see a friend's band called Won Mississippi earlier in the year but people you know don't really count.

I went to a gig last night a bloke called Alan Windram, I am a massive fan of this chap, I can't even really explain why his voice just makes my tummy tingle and I love his songs, sort of soft and very easy to listen to.

I sort of stumbled upon him too which makes it even better. I remember back just after I got married I was typing random words into Itunes and it came up with his band Splendid. I clicked on Buy this album entirely by mistake. I was annoyed with myself at the time actually but the songs kept appearing on shuffle and every time they did I liked 'em. I then purchased their other album.

When I was pregnant, the time I become an emotional idiot! I used to lie in the bath with my wriggly bump listening to Splendid and bawling my eyes out. I have listened to albums to a point now that they remind me of significant times in my life. Alan recently released his solo album which I love just as much as the Splendid ones.

I felt like a bit of a noob but asked to have my picture taken with him! Also! I'd like to add I only found out about 8 months ago he was from the Borders it was total coincidence. I figured he was from the big smoke and I'd never get to see him live. He had a little super cute guitarist called Rory Butler! I reckon he will get famous. Just a feeling in my bones.

I wore my gorgeous Able Grable Scarlet Street Blouse an absolute comfy divine delight! Didn't manage to get any decent pics of rocking it though. I will do when I get something decent for my bottom half. :)

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It's up it's working in it's early stages it still needs some work. If you want to check it out go to

I'm not ever wanting to have to change my name again!

If anyone has a banner or link you'd like to put on somewhere feel free to let me know.
Drop me an email to

I have a shoot lined up for either the 26th or 27th of this month! It has a Christmas theme and I am really really excited about it :)

Done myself this bra, it's actually a 34G! But it fits ok. It looks tonnes more amazing in person too.

A New Me!

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Ok so a change in the name! Now say HELLO to DEE LA BEAU!

You can become a fan on Facebook!

Waving goodbye to TrixyDee I am not going to go into the ins and outs but, it's time to change, Trixy was a fun cheeky gal, but looking at myself I am not going to be comfortable on a stage getting my boobs out because that isn't me! I'm a Mum almost a Soccer Mom at that! And I wouldn't want to be confused with someone who isn't a of a similar frame of mind, if you know what I mean. Not that I have a problem with people that do, that is just a different level of confidence! One which I am no where near, I have a line and I won't cross it. I think my new name is better fitted to who I am and what I do.

The kids have pretty much wrecked everywhere between my neck and my knees anyway! :)

I like Dee La Beau is more classy and more fitted to me!

I have started doing my own bras also! It's so hard to get funky ass bras in anything above a D cup! I did this one below I am hoping to get a plain pale underbust corset and do the same thing to it.

Just too proud to wait!

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I recently did a shoot wearing a gorgeous frock from

The absolutely delightful Wicked Lady Dress

Exactly the same frock as Miss Amanda is wearing apart from mine is in Lipstick Red! Absolutely delicious red. This dress feels beautiful on, I honestly felt a million dollars in it, at least two classes above where I am now anyway.

You can now also follow AbleGrable on Twitter!

All the pics of me rocking this frock are on my myspace or my flickr if you want to see more!
Photos taken my the fabulous Mr Greg Sanders at The Groyne (charming!) in South Shields, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

30th! Mixed Emotion Day!

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30th of September is a weird day for me personally. It is a big Yay! day in a massive way because it is my friends' anniversary. Ellen and Nick are super important to my, I remember their wedding day so well. I was Maid of Honour just as Ellz was for mine. Their wedding was fab, full of prettiness and fabulous people. I was also about 14 weeks pregnant at the time, it was just a really nice day at a really fabulous time of my life. Everything was good then. We lived out on a farm in a place called Harlow Hill, we had a gorgeous teeny cottage full of character.

However my friends may remember that in 2004 I found out I was pregnant in January, the circumstances around it were pretty terrible, surrounded by questions and a pile of crazy. This baby would have been due on the 30th of September. I had a miscarriage in the February and also got sacked. So the 30th of September is a day absolutely filled with memories, some good some bad.

I am in no way fishing for sympathy by the way! I am strong lady and have coped with everything thrown my way so far.

Dinosaur Theories

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I don't really have much to say tonight! Just a quite theory conjured by my four year old son. He decided that there are no more dinosaurs because the sun came down from the sky and snapped all the dinosaurs in half and then went back up to the sky. I love crazy little kiddies! Laurence's teacher from last year said she could see him being the future Prime Minister, I think that is pretty impressive!!! One proud Mama! Ooh they were both really cute at the wedding too!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Nightshift Repographics ( who did a fabulous job of my cute new TrixyDee banner!

Wedding :D

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Went to my sisters wedding today! In the lovely Seahouses (I quite enjoy the puffin on the Seahouses website). The weather was gorgeous, my poor mother was so unbelievably stressed, I could just tell she wasn't enjoying it as much as she should have done. Even with the stress my Mam still looked about 15 years younger than she is!

My sister looked beautiful, and the groom and his team looked super dapper in their brown and gold suits, and my niece Charlie looked so cute I could just about eat her up!!

My two were shattered most of the day so we didn't really stay very long. I am not generally a fan of wedding but today was very short and sweet. If we didn't have the kids with us we probably would have stayed longer and mingled more.

I wore a gorgeous purple dress which I bought from the amazing delightful MissMatilda! :)
I had several people say how amazing the dress was.


Here we go....

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Just a quick blog! I sense I will be doing another one later on or tomorrow ;)

I had two amazing shoots with Greg Sanders on Saturday, one was a group shoot with some gorgeous gals. It was so much crazy fun trying to squeeze us all in such a short amount of time. Greg was a pro, an absolutely diamond.

On Sunday we went round and had some fantastic cupcakes with Laura (the gorgeous gal about in the red/black spotty divine corset!). She is hoping to make her living out of her cupcakes and I hope she does!!! Join her Facebook group or follow on Twitter and show some support!!!

Finally! If you want to see me naked! Grab an Hourglass calendar from I am delighted to be next to these beautiful womens!

Growing up!

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My little boy started big school last, they ease them in gradually. Last week they were there until 11:45 and this week they stay for lunch and next week they are there all day. He looks so old and grown up in his school uniform. It doesn't seem like two minutes ago he was a tiny little bundle in a moses basket. I am very proud of him. He has such an amazing vocabulary for a little boy of 4, although he lacks a bit in the common sense section of the brain, bless him. He was so lazy this morning I had to go up and get his out of bed. I do have a full year of my baby girl at home before she starts nursery. She is a lot less work than Laurence, she can entertain herself. She is singing and dancing round in a circle as I type.

My OU stuff starts up this month again, I have had a bit of a six month break because it was starting to make me feel physically sick. I was getting so demoralised. However I am refreshed and ready to start again. I am doing a degree in Health and Social care. After which, when the kids are at school full time, I want to go to Uni full time to do midwifery.

Supposed to be having a shoot this weekend with Greg Sanders, or not sure if my corset is going to arrive on time. My corset lady appears to have gone off message. My corset is being made from this fabric, I got loads of cute things to match too. Sure she will get back to me, she is probably just waiting until she has finished or something. I have too much time to dwell on things when I am at home all day. I think people do stuff to be awkward or out malice but its just my brain doing overtime and reading too much crappy stuff in the news. Ooh you can also see Greg's work on Facebook

What I Have Been Up To!?

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Had a really interesting time since my last blog just been so busy! I got my photos back from my Hourglass Shoot and they are absolutely gorgeous! I find it difficult to believe it is even me they are so pretty. I am also featured in the Hourglass 2010 Calendar, I am Miss April! Dying to see myself in print. Here is my favourite pic from my HG shoot.

Also if you check out you will see my ugly mug there too. I look forward to buying myself some more MLS corsets in the future, that gorgeous Neon creation is as comfy as a t-shirt! I love it! If you are considering a custom corset this is the lady to go to. Also my corset has been named the 'Danielle' :) an absolute honour.

Still waiting for my piccies from Christine, but I sure they will be fabulous too, I am dying to see them.