Myspace the Home of the Perverts!

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Don't get me wrong I love Myspace, it was pretty good when I was doing music in fact it is the only place I have my music now, I don't even think I have an actual CD of the music I recorded anymore.

I have discovered lately that your proper top class nutter can generally be found on Myspace. Last week sometime I had someone whose name was 'DISGUSTING A**HOLE' oh yes in caps try and add me as a friend. I declined.

Just a couple of days ago I got a pretty horrific message from a guy on Myspace saying that he wanted to strangle me, slit my throat and do a whole manner of other filth to me. I don't doubt he probably sent exactly the same message to other chicas but it was still pretty disturbing. I really like myspace generally, use it to find local peeps and people who sell stuff for burlesquey costumes for my shoots, I wouldn't be without it but from now on I am going to only add people who have at least some mutual friends or similar interests.

On a happier note I have three shoots lined up all completely different, the last one in the first week of November will involve me standing on a roof in little clothing :) Should be chilly!

I got a very cute handmade dress off ebay for £2! I love it, it fits me so well you'd think it was made for me.


Miss Matilda said...

I laughed out loud at the "proper top class nutter" phrase, yes they are there indeed.

As for your pervert, I am terribly sorry that you were violated, it's dreadful.

Shaun said...

what a pretty outfit, and im sorry to hear about your troubles on myspace. for every decent person there seems to be several who shouldnt be allowed near a pc.

Dee La Beau said...

I've been violated worse.
Nothing shocks me now, especially men.
Thanks for your comment too Shaun.