For My Next Trick...

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Getting all excited for my next performance which will be Gully Sutherland's Emporium of Extraordinary Entertainment - Victorian Winter Wonderland Variety Performance. I will be performing the act I last blogged and a brand spanking new act called 'Winter Wonderland' which I recorded my own version of the song for, with the help of Mr Mark Pinder who also took me some festive piccies. It was really nice to do something different like that, I haven't sang in years and it used to be a really good way for me to get my 'Meh' out, I am always pottering round my kitchen and singing my ass off.

I am a little bit concerned about my costume not arriving in time for this performance on the 29th, I am expecting some flipping amazing hot pants from the states and they are probably not going to get here *sad face*. It should be a great night with a mixture of things, not just burlesque if you are able to and want to have a warm up for New Years, you should come along! I am also excited because a lot of the people performing and attending are some of the most amazing friends that I have made in 2010, I am lucky to have them in my life!

Had a couple of burlesque bookings and photographers say they want to work with me! Actually doing a shoot on Christmas Eve and then the day after Boxing Day. I am also planning one amazing new geek based act which I am weeing myself with excitement about, going to take a while to sort/build costume and props. Mostly this month I am looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again, it already feels like ages and its only been like 10 days

Talk About A Bird Learning How To Fly

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Feels like a million years since I last blogged. This blog is mostly about my performance on Saturday the 11th of December in Darlington at a 1940's/Swing themed night called Candlelit Cabaret in aid of Help for Heroes.

It was just a generally lovely evening, I met some amazing talented people the atmosphere was so nice and I felt welcome, everyone made an effort to talk to me, have several new facebook friend's now and I would love to get invited to perform there again. I also got to meet the delicious Darkteaser a personal burlesque idol of mine, she is absolutely stunning in person, I am going to be performing at her charity event in March.

My act was using a song from South Pacific (one of my favourite musicals, the title of my blog seems relevant and is also a lyric from another South Pacific song called Happy Talk). I recently filled out a form for a huge burlesque even and I had to say my main inspiration was musical theatre and from being an operatic society in my early teens. The song I use for this act is 'I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair' and I got to wear my gorgeous Revamp sailor outfit which is normally hanging up unloved and unused in my wardrobe! I also wore a What Katie Did Bikini, normally their stuff is absolutely ace but I have to say this particular bikini is neither nowt nor something, I don't think the top could be any more wrong than it is. Sadly I don't think I am going to have the time or money to replace it before I perform this act again. I did get some absolutely awesome pasties from The Libertarian. Images taken by my delicious lump of man stuff Nicholas Gray.

Christmas is just round the corner, I am actually completely sorted apart from like two things which I am going to pick up on Christmas Eve. I am looking forward to seeing how excited the kids get next week, it's going to be a mental build up of hyper whilst they aren't at school. Not going to see my boyfriend until NYE now, 3 weeks without him is virtually unbearable I have had to do it before turns me into an emo subhuman freak. I know I could end it but essentially I am stubborn and don't want to and love triumphs over logic every time.

My Trip to the Capital

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Towards the middle of last month I had a trip down to London, not much fun doing the train journey from Newcastle to London and back on your own in a day. The trip had a purpose I was heading down to Erotica to spend the day with my friend Dave. This was before the utterly crappy snow started. I got down about 11:30 I am not a massive fan of London, I enjoy the slow paced 'tomorrow will do' attitude of the North East, if that makes me lazy so be it.

Went to a pub so cheap it could challenge a Wetherspoon's, although the veggie burgers (which is my regular at Spoons even though I am not a vegetarian) were better at this random pub.

Went into Erotica done a walk around a couple of times, seeing some of the amazing Maya Hansen and Velda Lauder corsets that I normally only get to dream of online in the flesh was amazing! If I had been a woman of means I would have severely dented my bank balance. I was sort of interested in the kink but the classier stuff was really my reason for going. There was a great stand that did amazing leather steampunky corsets too, absolutely amazing.

Speaking of classy, I went to see my friend Nicole, boss of The Hourglass and all round stunner who offered to do my hair for me. One of my photos were on The Hourglass display, this one in fact. Just FYI I am trying to sell my Neon Corset as it is now massive, it's the Danielle corset by Madame Le Strange, the bra too if anyone is interested. I would have loved it for a costume but I have lost a few inches and it doesn't do me any favours anymore.

Nicole mentioned that the Kiss Me Deadly stand was understaffed and asked if I fancied working over there for a few hours! I did and I had such fun, selling pretty things to pretty people made a Ms La Beau very happy. I also got work in my supercute KMD Vargas Dress which I already had on in accidental preparation, best work uniform ever. I had an amazing time and cannot recommend their products highly enough! If you're a girly girl you must check out their new Candy Box range its limited edition and to DIE for! Here is me 'working'!

In case you are unaware there has been some snow, meant I couldn't get to see the Mr at the weekend, I have been very very very hormonal all sorts going around me at the moment and I am not even donating eggs yet. I get to see him soon it's the stupid simple stuff I miss so much. Ended up having a pretty good weekend anyway, was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home watching Dating in the Dark repeats on my own.

I will be doing my pointless poetic Christmas list again like I did last year! The main thing I want is Lotsa from Toy Story 3 but I am reckoning the kids would totally pinch it!

And the Ninja ran away with his PA

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The title of my blog is a bit on an in joke between me and my boyfriend which is fine because this blog is all about him...well us.

So he is a photographer type which kinda results in us very rarely having any pictures of us together. I think before I put the images on Facebook yesterday there were only 25 pictures of us together, which is pretty sad considering we have been together for almost 8 months.

We did a shoot last week together at Bolbec Hall with John, the same fella who did my yellow dress, corset, window shots. I feel very comfortable in that studio it doesn't have the weird sort of clinical you're being watched vibe I get at other ones. Just thought I would share with you my favourite and Nick's favourite. I think they document our love quite well, we are atypical, kooky and non standard it's one of the things I love the most about us.

I got to be with Nick from Thursday until Sunday, it was just nice, we had a really good time, zero arguments, when we are together it's like we are normal couple, like we don't live apart, like we don't have a relationship that is kept alive by SMS. It's not awkward it's just comfortable, perfect even.

I don't know if I should say the 'S' word. Ok we have snow, lots and lots of snow. Mental great piles of snow I can't wait for it to go away. Nick did take some pics of me in the snow though and they were pretty nifty. These were taken before and after I managed to behave like a child and bruise my skin quite badly. You can now befriend my boyfriend on Facebook - you want a wedding, kids, yourself, event photographed easiest way to contact him now is probably here or via email at - yes I am dressed as a secretary right now :)

A Hall With A View

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So last week I had a shoot with a fella called John who has a studio space in Bolbec Hall in Newcastle City Centre. I took way too much stuff and only ended up doing three outfits but I had a fab time at the shoot and got some images that weren't pin up nor particularly fashiony, a bit more arty and surreal that I am usually used to. I love them though, probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I have done in a long time. I was there yesterday with my boyfriend yesterday having some images of us taken together. I will probably be blogging them next week!

I wore my delicious Able Grable Ready Hedy (again!) bloody love this frock to bit, probably my favourite item in my wardrobe. I also wore a vintage wedding frock I got from a vintage fair about 2 months ago and my Maya Hansen corset with half a cheesy 80's wedding dress which I mixed with some lace from a damaged wedding dress to make a purple skirt.

I was supposed to perform tonight but I can't because the weather has prevented travel which has prevented childcare. Gutted as I was so very excited about my act for this evening. I am very much enjoying a weekend with my boyfriend Nick, I still find it really hard when him and the kids share the same space, I'd imagine he probably does too. I genuinely hope this is something I only have to do once. Hoping the weather is cleared for my next burly performance which is the 11th of December - Candlelit Cabaret in Darlington and also my driving test on the 15th of December.

And Still My Heart Has Wings...

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Newcastle is a pretty good place to live all in all, it's a city but not a massive one but between Newcastle and Gateshead you will be able to pretty much get your hands on pretty much anything apart from....

a good selection of high quality vintage clothing! Personally buying online just isn't the same, yeah sure you get pictures and accurate measurements but it's not the same as being able to feel the fabric, do a little twirl, take in that vintage smell (which I love and know some people hate) but I think that's what it should be, an experience not just a purchase.

I recently had loads of shoots lined up and I was struggling to find stuff to wear, I am a solo mum I have few pennies so I went on a hunt to find a local vintage emporium my friend Chris (or on Twitter @onion2k) informed me of a placed in Heaton.

This shop called, These Foolish Things, has an amazing selection of clothing, jewellery and homeware. I got some lovely stuff to model and the lady in charge Gena is an absolute delight to have a chat too! Please drop the shop a 'Like' on Facebook and check out the website.

Just thought I would share some images with you.
(Taken by Debbie Sanders, David Evans & Floebob)


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Last night was the debut of my Tequila act at The Shadow Gallery, Sunderland, I was pretty nervous about it but it all came good in the end. The idea behind my act was a Mexican housewife who gradually gets a bit tipsy on tequila. I wore my Viv of Holloway frock and a stunning apron made by my friend Cat who has just opened her etsy shop.

I did my act to the song Tequila by Terrorvision and my lingerie was from my personal favourite Lilly Wiggler, you must check this website out absolutely idea for original costumes. I got an amazing tweed and cord set from there. Also had another pair of latex hot pants and my self customised Daisy Stays corset. My hair flower was from the lovely Miss Sweets Boutique highly recommend visiting Miss Sweet if you are after custom too she is a diamond!

I foolishly thought I would not get drunk drinking 4 tequila shots in 3 minutes I was kinda wrong, however after some cokes, a lift and some fresh air I was right as rain and no hangover this morning.

Here is my favourite photo of act taken by the lovely Nicholas Smith

My next performance will be on the 27th of November 2010 at La Maison de Peche, Peoples Theatre Arts Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Another brand new act which its a lot more slower paced and I am quite nervous about!

Currently planning my Christmas act, I am going to also sing. I'm scared :) Hopefully having shoots toward the end of the week with my Bo and I also have another shoot to blog. Seem to be a very busy bunny lately.

I shall be at Erotica tomorrow so if any of your lot are there please say 'Hello'!

My Quirky Little Flat

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I have a weird love/hate relationship with my home, it's the right sort of size for me and the kiddywinks. Nice high ceilings, inoffensive carpet, (half) double glazed, recently installed kitchen and bathroom. Like me it is far from perfect, the floor bounces, it doesn't retain heat it's on a main road and my bedroom is teeny tiny. The floor is so bouncy that I can't have the washing machine on when I have dishes on the draining board. It does sort of feel like home, I have never felt at home anywhere, never really felt settled, which is why every six months I get this toe curling desire to leave or move start again. For the moment it's home, the kids like it and it's close to their school.

Anyway I did a shoot in my place and it came out a bit like this..

Also saw my boyfriend for a few days was all very pleasant, meant to do a shoot together but got cancelled due to weather, we don't get many pictures of us together which is darn shame because we so rarely get to see each other putting pictures up all over my dumbass flat is the main way I can keep focused on what is worthwhile in the relationship when I find it pretty difficult a lot of the time. Nick took some class photos of squiggles (aka squirrels) and also this funky image of me walking through a tunnel.

I also adore this abstracty piece by my babe called Alpha's Light, I won't explain the reason behind the title it's probably better to remain a mystery, definitely one of my favourite images by Nick. It makes me smile and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. You should also swing by his blog and follow his ramblings too.

Gal Pal, Gown and Goosepimply Boobies!

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Last weekend I had a super fun shoot with friend, stunner and talented photographer Debbie Sanders. It was so lovely to shoot with her again because my first shoot EVER was with her, and the images taken by her won me 21st Century Pin Ups comp and got me involved with the people who introduced me to Burlesque.

We skulked around Newcastle city centre took some pictures around Castle Keep, around the bridges and the wooded area down by the Quayside. I didn't really have an idea f
or the images I wanted from this shoot me and Debs just had a bit of a chat on and walk around while shooting, it was lovely and very relaxed. Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot featuring pasties from Pearls and Swine

Debbie is also designing tickets/brochures etc for
Gully Sutherland's Emporium of Extraordinary Entertainment a show which I am headlining between Christmas and New Year and Debuting my winter act.

Not forgetting my next performance at The Shadow Gallery, my act will be a bit comedic, bit silly and have a Mexican theme. I actually can't wait the costume is being a bit of a bugger but should look faberoo.

Also doing a shoot this morning and one on Thursday with my boyfriend which should be probably a bit cheey and/or stupid.

Hollow Like an Easter Egg

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Bit of a filler blog I am afraid not much to report and I am feeling utterly miserable and don't want to bore you. I spanked the place at Dixie's Dollhouse Halloween Special, it was a laugh had to leave straight after my act to get back to my gorgeous babies. Met some new people, some nice someI couldn't work out, sometimes you get a vibe I guess. I also forgot to remove my glasses for the act. Whoops!

Kids half term last week so I was just chilling with them, starting putting beading on a bra for my act at The Shadow Gallery presents "DAY OF THE DEAD BURLESQUE" I have estimated it was going to take me about 8 hours but realistically it's going to be 20 odd hours and I am not entirely sure if it's going to be worth the effort. I do find sewing quite relaxing though.

If I was able to I think I would be able to do burlesque most weekends but I don't want to leave my children too much, they are my universe and I am scared I miss anything.

Done some DIY at the weekend, I am not actually too bad at it to be honest, built up my bed moved some stuff around but I think it has angered my womb!

Did a shoot with Deborah Sanders yesterday around Newcastle city centre. Will be sharing those images ASAP.

Not So Loyal Subject

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Hmm that blog title might be a bit too clever! But I'll roll with it.

I am performing at Dixie's Dollhouse on Thursday the 28th, it should be cool. Wonder if it will give me the high it did last time. Looking forward to meeting a few new people from Twitter & Facebook who say they are coming along.

So a few weeks ago I modelled for a life drawing class at Sunderland University, such a weird experience, I am glad I did it though and I would love to be able to do it again sometime. Strange sensation having a bunch of people looking at you when you can't really see what they are doing or what they make of you. I would have continued if it hadn't been 3 hours travelling for 3 hours of sitting still it was just a lot might see if I can do it in Newcastle, but Sunderland wasn't feasible. Also I don't like going to Sunderland anymore it makes me feel a bit sad. I remember how excited I used to feel going to see my boyfriend every stop just feeling the anticipation and it's not there now and the train journey's to Lincolnshire aren't as stress free as a metro trip.

Nothing much on apart from that Halloween at the weekend, I will be spending it will my children making a mess and being creepy, so pretty much like we are all year round.

If anyone fancies emailing me some hugs at this time they would be gratefully received!

Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me...

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So I know I have shared some images from a shoot I did last month with a photographer in Sunderland, I am not going to name him now or anything. I signed a model release form basically saying he could do anything he wanted with the images, post them anywhere, they were his yadda yadda, yadda.

I received the first to images from him the one I posted in my last blog, they were pretty nice, obviously he'd done a bit of work on me which is cool, I don't have particularly good skin and one of the images was meant to be a homage to Elvgren.

I have also received other images such as this one which I really like.

I am a size 10/12 lady, I am comfortable with that, I have grown to accept most of my body for what it is I am reasonably confident and pretty happy. I have a man who loves me and I don't even think it is my appearance he is particularly attracted to anyway. I was very disappointed to receive the image below. I don't look like me, I look about 3 stone lighter and apart from that I look sort of hideous. I was a smidge on the offended side, it's not like I said "Oi mate I carry a bit of weight on my arms could you make me a bit slimmer" he made the decision to lob the weight off me. I don't look like me, I barely look human, it looks like a genetic mistake. I will also add the guy was lovely and I was at ease shooting with him, it's not like the shoot wasn't a pleasant experience because when I was there it was great, productive and comfortable.

I know I previously said I like working with my boyfriend because he captures the essence of Dani, I can't expect all photographers to do this but what I can expect is for them to leave a bit of me in there or what is the point. I can't use this image it's useless to me, all I can do is stipulate in the future that I don't want to be turned into some lollipop head.

Got back from Nick's today not going to see him for over two weeks now, which is uber sucky, we'll deal though we always do. We seem to spend our lives arranging to visit each other, or talking about/ complaining about public transport. Here's me and Nick at a train station, I kinda feel that this era of our relationship will have a nickname in the future. I am trying really hard not to think that far ahead. but it's hard when all you see is essentially fog. Oh well Amor Vincit Omnia! I know it will all come good in the end, with my iguana, red kitchen and Baltic inspired floor.

Pop Goes The Cherry..

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Firstly I had a wonderful weekend, my boyfriend came up and between him and my best friend they made me feel tonnes better about getting my kit off in public. Firstly thank you muchly to those two! Also thank you to the lovely Carole, Sharon, Lisa and Nicky who came along too, was nice to have my homedudes there for me.

The theme of the evening was Horror Movies, and I chose to do Rocky Horror, most people know it and if I was absolutely crap at least the audience could drown themselves in a familier soundtrack. I was being Janet although I did consider being FrankNFurter!

Here are some pics of me doing my thing, shot by delicious lump of lover Nicholas Gray (who also gifted me with my eyelashes don't you know!) :) Here is my gorgeous Able Grable Boudoir Kitten in Black and Wink ;)

As it stands my next performance is the 19th of November but I am trying to sort out one before that. Nothing much in pipeline apart from vintage bridal shoot with lanky studmuffin Jason McCullagh who just happens to by my Nick's bestest bud!

The Next Step

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So I have been doing pin up modelling for a while now and next Friday I will be doing my first little bit of burlesque. I am an intense mixture of terrified and excited. I will the performing at The Shadow Gallery Burlesque Show, The Hive, Sunderland. Plenty of other sexy ladies there also! Check them out and hunt them down on Facebook.

I won't reveal too much info about my act but my costume feature bits from Able Grable, Violaceous Latex, Adora Belle Pasties and Stockings and Romance. It's a gorgeous mixture of black and pink, I am yet to try it all on together but I am very excited.

A few of my mateys will be dressed up and there to cheer me on! I am hoping my boyfriend may be there for to give me a hug if I trip, fall or fail! :D

Had a shoot with local Sunderland photographer David Evans recently, who informed me how tartan my accent is. I do have a weird voice although hopefully none of you will ever get to hear me speak I may lose a few fans. In the following image I am wearing all Stockings and Romance undies, you should check them out, you can purchase S&R from one of my favourite lingerie emporiums Joanna's Wardrobe. A new version of the Pin Up Girdle I am wearing has been released and it is amazing, I much prefer it to the one I own. Humf!

Had a lovely couple of days with my boyfriend, just got his birthday pressies :D getting my arse into gear for a week of normality with extra boobies and recovering from my nightmare journey home yesterday! Hoping to see y'all in Sunderland! If not I am going to have to force someone to take some photos.

With My Body I Thee Worship

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So no real news from Casa La Beau! Don't have any shoots set in stone, was meant to have one next weekend but have had to cancel there are two local togs who I have been trying to sort shoots with for months but our schedules never have a mutual window. I will though, preferably studio work now on the grounds that I apparently never wear trousers and it's freezing outside.

I am waiting for images from a couple of shoots though and I kinda like that. Also at the end of the day if I can get to spend time with my boyfriend that is more important than being shot! I do want to get some pics taken in my burlesque costume so I will need to set that up, and me and my Mr are wanting to do a shoot together, I had wanted to do it before Halloween but it doesn't look like that is going to happen now, nevermind it will still be a larf!

I got some Bridal shoot images from my shoot back in May with Christeeny, I have decided I make a rubbish bride and would rather be a Ninja. For peeps visiting my blog from places far away, this is my hometown it's bridgey and the sky is regularly morbid.

Also got these images back from the shoot on Wednesday (or was it Thursday!?) that I went to with my brother from another mother Nick Murphy, I quite like it, I appreciate that I don't feel the need to play it safe even though, lets be honest, I have an odd face. I am in no way generically pretty. Sometimes I think models are required to act rather than just doing stoic fierceness.

Hate of the Date

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Bloody hate the 30th of September! It and New Years Day are my least favourite days of the year, reminders of one of the most horrid and traumatic times in my life. Sure you're probably thinking "Yeah did you break a nail or somefink" no it wasn't like that I am not going to lay all my cards on the table but just take my word for it when I say it was crap. It is worse this year too. One good thing being celebrated today is the anniversary of my ickle cousin Jenny and her boyfriend LeeLee I think only half of that is his real name.

I recently did a nude shoot outdoors and if I am honest I wasn't too keen on the images, I don't like I look comfortable, I dislike my naked body and it just didn't do it for me personally. This was the best shot of the lot, I actually look confident I would be inclined to go so far as to say sexy.

I am also waiting on some images from other shoots, I did do a shoot with Russ and Paul again yesterday, took my friend Nick Muprhy along with me, we had laughs! :)

Off to have some alone time and wallow in some self pity, get a bit on the emo side and hopefully wake up tomorrow fresh as daisy ready for a fresh start in a fresh month. I have too much to be happy about and too much to look forward to, I can let a bunch of memories drag me down!

The Tale of the Photographer and the Model

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.......a 21st Century love story brought to you by Myspace and Facebook....

A couple of weekends ago me and my loverman, Nicholas Gray attended SuperGay 2010, I had an amazing time, firstly it was kinda nice to watch Nick shooting an event the only other time I have done it was at a burlesque evening and I was the ragged side of tipsy. Supergay was an great experience of colour, soooo bad it was good music and it just had a really fab atmosphere. I really hope I am able to attend next year, you can check out Nick's images of this event on his Flickr. Oooh in fact while you are there have a goosey at his Tattoo Jam pics and see if you can spot divine model Loula Cherry!

Here is a picture Nick took of me on the roof terrace of mima, I look very me, I look like a Dani. Just on Sunday he gave me an improv speech about how special it is that we have that. I can remember it in my head but can't quite type it to make an impact.

Thanks to Nick I also appeared on a billboard in Essen, Germany, as did my awesome friend Nick Murphy who we now called Alpha on the grounds that so many Nicks in my life is beginning to make things a touch confusing.

I got to spend the weekend with Nick it was kinda lovely and I think I almost got the long distance thing down, not saying I don't pray to Tim Roth every night that Nick can move back up to the North East and we can give things a proper shot but for the moment I can deal with the give and take for the sake of the most amazing modern love story I have ever heard and I am honoured to be a part of. Forgive the gooeyness!

Daisy Stays Group Shoot - Corsets and Craziness!

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If you have a minute you should check out the Gallery of all the images from the Daisy Stays group shoot which took place in County Durham mid August shot by Richard Shepherd. It had been planned months in advance and there had been a lot of expectation on the day. I had to get up really early to get the metro from Sunderland up to Sharon's place to get all dolled up!

I got to rock two items of delight! One black and white underbust corset and an Oriental styley one which I am in love with and very keen to use for another shoot. I am currently customizing my black corset for my burlesque debut in Sunderland on the 15th of October, shall bore you with the details in a later blog! :)

There was some also quality candid shots taken on the day! Gonna show some love for my homegirl Ellen, one where I am doing some amateur MUAing on her purdy face and another when it looks kinda like I am bumming her! Couldn't have got through 2010 without her, she had administered both hugs and slaps when I have needed them.

I have that vintage shoot tomorrow going to have a practice with my hair today and then I get to visit the the love of my life on Friday, everything is tickety boo.

Playing Catch Up.

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Ok! I am three shoots behind on my blog and I am getting all confuzzled! Will probably blog and bore you on the next couple of days too.

Anyway! Still while I was at Nick's for two weeks in the beginning of August, on the same day as I did the shoot in Steel Wheels with Richard Hanley, I headed to Studio 5000 to do a shoot with a photographer called Rob Mackins. He was an amazingly funny guy, I was dancing, laughing and joking and it was a mega comfortable shoot. I wore about a zillion outfits.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot.

I am currently customising my Daisy Stays black corset for my burlesqueness. The Daisy Stays shoot is another one I need to blog about, need to steal some pictures from her site :) My 'Poison' costume consists of sparklness, latex, amazing pasties from this fantastic US based etsy shop. Hoping I can get it all together and get my loverman to take a picture at the weekend, he currently poorly and I wish I was able to nurse him better.

Two shoots lined up this week, one with the kids, will be nice to have some family pics with us three together as I am normally the one taking the pics with me being a 'single' mum. The other is a vintagey shoot I have borrowed some amazing stuff from a vintage shop in Newcastle, the lady Gena is absolutely lovely. Able Grable might sneak in on Thursdays shoot too!