Pop Goes The Cherry..

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..by that I mean my burlesque cherry of course!

Firstly I had a wonderful weekend, my boyfriend came up and between him and my best friend they made me feel tonnes better about getting my kit off in public. Firstly thank you muchly to those two! Also thank you to the lovely Carole, Sharon, Lisa and Nicky who came along too, was nice to have my homedudes there for me.

The theme of the evening was Horror Movies, and I chose to do Rocky Horror, most people know it and if I was absolutely crap at least the audience could drown themselves in a familier soundtrack. I was being Janet although I did consider being FrankNFurter!

Here are some pics of me doing my thing, shot by delicious lump of lover Nicholas Gray (who also gifted me with my eyelashes don't you know!) :) Here is my gorgeous Able Grable Boudoir Kitten in Black and Wink ;)

As it stands my next performance is the 19th of November but I am trying to sort out one before that. Nothing much in pipeline apart from vintage bridal shoot with lanky studmuffin Jason McCullagh who just happens to by my Nick's bestest bud!