The Curse of Katy Perry

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So this is now the title of my Katy Perry act, shame as I had SO much fun getting it sorted, doing my costume, buying props, getting my poster printed (by epic Dave Dent) designed by my partner Nicholas Gray and image taken by Sam Corban. I am quite proud of it and I have to admit to having a 23x23 inch print of myself on my wall just because I got a spare.

So why is this act a curse? First time I was meant to perform this was Durham in February but I was rushed for time as I was meeting with Nick in York and I had to catch the last train. If I learnt one think about burlesque nights it's that if they say they are gonna start at 8:30 you can arrive after 9:30 and still manage to catch the first act. They never run on time. I got all flustered and I had no-where to put my poster, my nipple tassel broke and then my lollipops got smashed. I ended up arriving to Nick's parents house a very disappointed and stressed out kitten. Everything seems a rush, even this weekend, yeah I am performing but me and Nick were gonna just have a relaxing couple of days now I'm doing a shoot for a latex company with him and he'll then have pictures to edit. I prefer to keep busy to be honest but we simply don't get as much time together as I need and it drives me mental.

So I finally got to perform this at Dixie's Dollshouse on St Patricks Day, I had had a shoot earlier in the day, so I kept my make up on, I'd met my mate for tea and I was feeling nervous but confident nonetheless. I got up on stage and done the first verse and chorus of my act absolutely fine until I took of my first bra (yes, this act has two) and both my nipple tassels both fell off. I still had 3 mins of the track to go but I just continued, trying to make up and keep my boobs covered at all times. I think about 30% didn't notice and 70% saw my nipples. Bad times!

I am performing this again on Friday at The Shadow Gallery in Sunderland this Friday the 8th of April. Along with a mega cheesy 80's act. I am trying to fashion myself a mullet.

Putting Vintage in a Non Vintage Setting

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I am so far behind on my blogs its silly, but by the same token I don't want to flood people with my rambling on.

As you know I dyed my hair blue recently, I am now a purple which seems to take better to my hair. I am not natural nor 'vintage' friendly anymore. I sort of feeling I have received a bit of snobbery from some people I used to gabber on with about vintageness, in fact one person seems to be completely ignoring me since I dyed my hair which is utterly pathetic.

I have done quite a few shoots lately because obviously I am no longer a brunette which sort of means my portfolio is out of date. I can't sell myself as the short, curvy girl next door now, I am short, and curvy with violet locks, essentially the only box you can put me in is Alt.

The only gig you can normally get with rad hair colour that involves vaguely vintage shaped items is latex and sadly I think I am too chubby, bumpy, short and long in the tooth for that now. So I am basically doing what I have always done but with an Alt twist.

I did this shoot in the woods in Gainsborough with photographer Nicholas Gray, in a 50's nightie I bought from the Exquisite Bones etsy store. I was aiming for a mental patient that was lost in the woods and I think it really works.

Another example of this is the shoot I did with another one of my favourite photographers, Jonathan Keys, at Newcastle Civic Centre at night time, when I wore my repro vintage blouse by Able Grable.

Sometimes all components of a styling for a shoot can be from different eras and you can put them together and they just work in the correct setting.

I am hopefully having an Alt Wedding shoot at the weekend with a male model, first time I have ever did a shoot with a bloke and next week I will be preparing to perform at the Sunderland Shadow Gallery, with some of my favourite lasses. Also started working on a double act with my friend and talented burlesque artist, Daisy Stays.

Sugarlesque and Spice and all things Nice! :)

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So that group shoot that I did in January I wore some beautiful items from Sugarlesque! I got a couple of body suits from the lovely Ruka and I absolutely adore them I am trying to find a way to work them into a burlesque act somehow.

If you're down London way you should visit her brand spanking new boutique, if like me, you are uber north just have a look on the website!

Quite enjoy the pink against my blue hair! I have to admit I have gone purple now, I am trying to keep doing the pin up and vintagey stuff, trying to brand myself as Alt-Vintage! I have three shoots and a burly night to perform so I am probably gonna have a mega end of March catch up!

My next performance is for my stunning homegirls at The Shadow Gallery, I think I am going to do my Curse of Katy Perry act once more and I'm not sure about which other act I am gonna do, might see what mood I am in on the week! :D

Every Day is a School Day

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Every now and again I end up doing a shoot that is an absolute waste of time, I did one of these a couple of weeks ago with a photographer I met on Purestorm. I had loads of luggage and we didn't get to shoot long but I am kinda pleased about it, the guy rolled up with ancient equipment and at one point I even had to hold the reflector. Was really really bad craic.

I can't use any of the images, I will make myself look rubbish by posting a couple on my blog though. In most of the pics I have a 'What the hell are you doing?' expression on, it's not amongst my best modelling it has to be said.

Also waiting for images from a photographer from Darlington from a shoot in January, if he doesn't remove his finger from his rectum I am going to edit my feedback and give him some that reflects what a lazy liar he is.

It's my birthday next week, I shall be the ripe old age of 25, this year has to be better than last year. Still all heartbroken just a different kind. Anyway if y'all want to have a birthday bevvy with me I'd love to see you at Dixie's Dollhouse on the 17th. Not got much planned for my actual birthday, get to wake up with my fella, then I'm coming home to make a birthday tea for me and my babies and watch a movie together. Naturally we will be doing the whole melting chocolate, dipping a marshmallow in and sitting a smartie on top, it's the best bit :)

Dying my hair again tonight/tomorrow doing a shoot with my Nicholas on Monday weather permitting, hope it works out because I get quite excited about it more than I do about working with other people, probably because I know that we can be 100% honest with each other. We lack tact in general but there is zero when we're together. I never have to censor myself when I'm with Nick.

V is for...

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Also V is for Vixie Vengeance, Valerie Vegas, Venus Star...the last burlesque show I performed in was filled with the letter V.

This was the show at Red Light Burlesque in Leicester I performed at on the 18th of February. It was quite nice to be away from the North East for a bit, and it wasn't like when I go to Gainsborough. Sadly my boyfriend's negative views of the place have rubbed off on me, swear I feel my stomach sink when I get there now.

Anyway, Leicester, seemed very clean, first pub I went into for lunch was virtually a chav free zone. The shopping centre and everything was just nice, didn't manage to find any places of cultural interest and I didn't have time for my Starbucks other than that I had a fab time there.

The lasses at this night were all fabulous, the dressing room was so small we were sort of on top of each other and all our stuff was overlapping so it's just as well we were all bloody lovely. I did two acts Rocky Horror (blue and my new one which has a loose Dominatrix theme but it really really needs some work, or I might ditch it altogether, although it was quite well received. I would love to perform down there for Venus Star again.

My next performance will be on the 17th of March, St Patrick's Day, the day after my birthday at Dixie's Dollhouse in Newcastle. Doing my California Gurls acts, need fresh lollipops after my fail in Durham which I am not even going to blog.