V is for...

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Also V is for Vixie Vengeance, Valerie Vegas, Venus Star...the last burlesque show I performed in was filled with the letter V.

This was the show at Red Light Burlesque in Leicester I performed at on the 18th of February. It was quite nice to be away from the North East for a bit, and it wasn't like when I go to Gainsborough. Sadly my boyfriend's negative views of the place have rubbed off on me, swear I feel my stomach sink when I get there now.

Anyway, Leicester, seemed very clean, first pub I went into for lunch was virtually a chav free zone. The shopping centre and everything was just nice, didn't manage to find any places of cultural interest and I didn't have time for my Starbucks other than that I had a fab time there.

The lasses at this night were all fabulous, the dressing room was so small we were sort of on top of each other and all our stuff was overlapping so it's just as well we were all bloody lovely. I did two acts Rocky Horror (blue and my new one which has a loose Dominatrix theme but it really really needs some work, or I might ditch it altogether, although it was quite well received. I would love to perform down there for Venus Star again.

My next performance will be on the 17th of March, St Patrick's Day, the day after my birthday at Dixie's Dollhouse in Newcastle. Doing my California Gurls acts, need fresh lollipops after my fail in Durham which I am not even going to blog.