Something About Us

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Just before Valentine's day I had a shoot with my fella, Nicholas Gray, it was just a quick two hour shoot at Studio 5000, I took far too much stuff as usual but we managed to get some good shots. I wore my hair straight because that's how he prefers me. I didn't really set out to get anything specific when I was there, just really wanted to use the bathroom set they have down there. I love how mucky and grungy it is.

Last time Nick was up we had a fab time, its generally most comfortable when we are at mine because we have a whole flats worth of space and we can make as much (ah-hem) noise as we like and have our own lounge space even though its not particularly comfortable. Also went to town before the shoot grabbed a burger and mooched to the Side Gallery and Baltic, stuff we generally do each time he is up.

Been cracking through long distance for almost 6 months now, complete hell, totally understand why they rarely work out. If I wasn't so stubborn and doubtful I could feel this way about anyone else, or find someone who just fits the way he does I would quit. I just have this feeling in my heart and guts that it is going to work out and I have to turn my patience up a notch and think positively. I really want to get his NG watermark tattooed on my wrist but he is making me wait until a more sensible juncture in our relationship, spoilsport.

Here are a couple of my favourite images from our shoot. We also did some implied nude but in my favourite shot you can see my cha-cha. Whoops.

Me and Mr Beau are very cute together, so much so in fact that I am gonna post a pic of us looking cute together! :)