Studio Wars

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I am sooo far behind in my blog it's not funny! I think I have 3 shoots/events I need to blog. This time I will be having a ramble about a group shoot I attended last month. Went to BananaStudio with friends mostly and done 4 hours worth of shooting and having a laugh. I quite like arranging the group shoots but I feel responsible on the day and tend to always end up out of pocket, and now when one of the togs hasn't given any images to the girls I feel somehow responsible.

This shoot was attended by 4 models and 3 photographers, a ratio which worked quite well. There was always one model getting ready.

I used to love Bananastudio, me and my Nicholas did a shoot there last year where I was modeling Able Grable blouses and frilly knickers and the shots were awesome. They used to have sets there and variety and I have to say the plain backgrounds they have there now are pretty dull in comparison. Another studio, Mayfield Studio, has opened above World Headquarters in town and it's the same drab Grey, White, Black and they have thrown in a Khaki, whoop de doo. Does mean I now have to travel to Studio 5000 to get a bit of variety and it's quite a long metro journey away.

Here are 3 images from the day, one each from Richard Shepherd, Deborah Sanders and Matt Wagster.

On a completely different note, I am in the early stages of sorting out a charity event for the back end of the year and I am really amazed by the performers and businesses offering support so far, also my boyfriend is being a star and helping me out with ideas etc. Should be an amazing night and hopefully we can raise money for a very very worthy cause! Playing my cards very close to my chest in case it goes tits up!


Miss Matilda said...

Lovely work!

May be open your own studio?