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I make no secret of the fact I am a geek, was a great way of pulling intellectual smelly guys in High School and that is pretty much what I go for. I also believe geeks are generally nice people, in the same way 'Grrr men' unite via football, geeks have converse about comics, computer games and movies. So I was totally delighted when my wonderful boyfriend asked me to pose as a Superhero last year for his 'This Summer' set. This was the image of me which was shown on German billboards. I am gutted that this costume is way too big on me now.

My boyfriend Nicholas Gray, has started editing images such as these in the comic styley. although I am quite obviously biased, I think they are absolutely awesome.

Here is me as Senorita Cleavage

'Morphine' aka model and all round studmuffin Jason McCullagh

Lastly and my favourite stunning Ashleigh as 'Heartbreaker'

To see full size versions of these images, swing by Nicholas' flickr. If you want an image of yourself comicked up drop him an email at for a quote.

On a completely separate note of comicness. I discovered these on Etsy, fabulous designer called Janine Basil does some amazing comic themed headpieces! If Senorita Cleavage's uniform fitted her anymore she would be all over these! FYI my birthday is on the 16th of March.