Bit of Blue

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So I spent a night in York last weekend, with my lovely lovely potential in laws and boyfriend. Was nice, its odd that I find it easier to get on with Nick's family than I do with my own. Don't really know what my family's beef is to be honest, whatever I do simply isn't good enough so I've given up trying to impress them I am just going to make me happy. I don't want sympathy, I know I am not the only person in the universe who has a grievance with their family, mine is so large just disappointing not one of them gives a monkeys. I feel welcome with Nick's peeps and it's nice, most of his friends pretty goddamn lovely to me too.

On the way back from York I did a shoot with Jonathan Keys, my third shoot with his fella. Really enjoy working with him we have a laugh and it's all very comfortable and laid back. I have been wanting to shoot at Newcastle Civic Centre for ages, I actually done a mini one with the kids and photographer Mandy Charlton about 3 weeks back and this encouraged me more to go forth with the fashion shoot.

The civic centre is lit up sort of blueish at night and I thought it would work really well with my hair. Here are a couple of images the first one I am presuming is my boyfriends favourite as he's liked/faved it on both my Flickr and Facebook. Ooh I am also wearing a delightful Scarlet Street Blouse from Able Grable (of which I have 4), in this shot! Was quite nice to wear a repro vintage piece and put it in a completely non vintage setting.

My dear friend Miss Matilda also used one of my images on her Etsy shop, from my shoot with Mark Pinder wearing my Miss Lola Burns frock and it sold within I a couple of house. The dress is now discontinued but if you wanted one I am sure Able Grable could rustle you up something similar.

Finished my bra for my Katy Perry shoot on the 9th, was going to be this morning but didn't happen, shame because I would of quite liked a print for a stage prop but it will probably be pushing it for time.


Miss Matilda said...

let me know when you are in York again, am planning a visit this year sometime.

I can make more of that design, I have enough fabric to do so BTW!