Battered and Broken but Clean Slate!

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Well I didn't blog in December much did I? I always seemed busy but didn't really achieve much, this shall probably also be the theme of 2011, I'm waiting. Waiting for Nick to get a job, waiting for my youngest to start school, I am looking forward to a time when I am in control of my own destiny. I am not unreasonable, I just want the simple things but to obtain them I have to be patient and that isn't really my strong point.

2010 brought me lots of problems but with it a lot of love and a lot of happiness, towards the back end of the year I had it all crash down and I'm trying to build myself back up. I had my confidence knocked and for a moment I forgot who I was. I blame myself a lot, and feel I am not not good enough and I need to snap out of it. Since then I have been experiencing panic attacks, and downward spirals of negativity and I hate it.

On to good things! I have a boyfriend who I adore, I have two amazing kids who make me smile and feel so lucky everyday, I have made loads of friends this year, I am a more free and independent person than I have ever been. I just get on with it because I have to. My family have been absolutely useless and zero support and I don't have any problem saying that where they might find it. The short of it is 2011 cannot be worse than 2010. Need not worry about what I have lost, focus on what I have learned.

Have a shoot booked tomorrow, and one with the kids on Sunday with lovely lady called Mandy Charlton, really excited about doing a shoot with the kids! I also have burlesque bookings as late as August it's quite nice to be in demand. I am also waiting for images from a shoot I did on Christmas Eve

2011 is the year I am going to dedicate to my children, my relationship and working out what I want to do with my life. It's going to be full of love and new experiences.