For My Next Trick...

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Getting all excited for my next performance which will be Gully Sutherland's Emporium of Extraordinary Entertainment - Victorian Winter Wonderland Variety Performance. I will be performing the act I last blogged and a brand spanking new act called 'Winter Wonderland' which I recorded my own version of the song for, with the help of Mr Mark Pinder who also took me some festive piccies. It was really nice to do something different like that, I haven't sang in years and it used to be a really good way for me to get my 'Meh' out, I am always pottering round my kitchen and singing my ass off.

I am a little bit concerned about my costume not arriving in time for this performance on the 29th, I am expecting some flipping amazing hot pants from the states and they are probably not going to get here *sad face*. It should be a great night with a mixture of things, not just burlesque if you are able to and want to have a warm up for New Years, you should come along! I am also excited because a lot of the people performing and attending are some of the most amazing friends that I have made in 2010, I am lucky to have them in my life!

Had a couple of burlesque bookings and photographers say they want to work with me! Actually doing a shoot on Christmas Eve and then the day after Boxing Day. I am also planning one amazing new geek based act which I am weeing myself with excitement about, going to take a while to sort/build costume and props. Mostly this month I am looking forward to seeing my boyfriend again, it already feels like ages and its only been like 10 days