3 Years Ago..

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I was 39 weeks pregnant! If someone told me I'd be doing this I'd have told them they were 'avin a larf.
Just saying....

Pirate and a Princess....

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had 3 shoots in the last couple of weeks, so excited namely because they have all been so awesomely different.

Couple of weeks ago I had another shoot/hike with Christeeny, we had a laugh even though she was ill and I was on the edge of freezing, I got mucky and realised how utterly fearless I am outdoors when someone is pointing a camera at me I was so close to doing some ridiculously dangerous climbing to get to a particularly attractive rock. I did some boobie shots shocked a jogger. It was all fun stuff :)

On my Birthday day (I can now say I am mid twenties), I had two shoots, another with gorgeous Nicole and one with Mr James Thorpe where me and my lovely friend Ellen rocked a loosely based Rocky Horror shoot and I was a cute Pin Up Pirate but I was kinda tired and I was pulling all sorts of sleepy sex faces. Not attractive. Nicole very kindly done our amazing make up before we left. Hence why I look a bit like a killer

I am not going to talk about my private life all that much here now, however I will say I now call my daughter VeeLaBeau and my son is saying all sorts of crazy stuff in his sleep. When we were away he woke and crying and called for me and I said "Baby what's wrong" he replied "I was trying to count up to 90 and couldn't remember the last number". Last night he ran through to my bed still asleep shouting "Mummy Mummy Mummy I want to make a hat" then just curled up next to me and started snoring away. He's my wee man but he is off his munge on hoof.

G'night. xx


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Ok, those who know me personally know I have stuff going on, it's working out fine and I think it will all be alright in the end, obviously I am not going to blog about it.

However I haven't blogged in March yet and feel the need to babble on for a little bit. Well actually I am just pimping out my friends mostly.

Firstly that photographer man I have been boring you about Nicholas Gray you can now become a fan on Facebook. So please do.

Secondly my delightful lady friend Miss Matilda has been busy designing some absolutely amazing frocks, so you should go and have a little browse at www.ablegrable.com. I love the Ready Hedy in yellow it is like Spring rolled into a gorgeous frock.

I have started doing some charity work which I am not really going to talk about that much either but I am finding it very interesting and fulfilling, feels amazing to have something that is mine after being a wife/mother and nothing else for so long.

Gathering stuff together for my birthday shoots, if I didn't have all this home craziness going on I would actually be excited about turning 24, I feel like I look tonnes older at the moment.