Forgotten Film

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So just before my birthday (like I said I am way behind with my blogs) on the way down to Nick's I did a shoot on film with one of my favourite togs Jonathan Keys. It was very overcast, the rain was on and off it wasn't really ideal conditions for a location shoot. Also it was in the city centre so there were quite a few people interested in what we were doing.

I wasn't dress spectacularly, I have a cute faux vintage dress from Next with a 60's feel and my cute little T.U.K heels on. I decided on black and white because the images were going to be B&W anyway, me having bright purple hair didn't make the slightest bit of difference.

This is my first shoot on film, it's weird because you need to make sure pose and balance etc is spot on, you can't just delete the crappy ones, so I kinda felt the pressure to be spot on and also not take the risks with random poses like I normally do. Here is my favourite image and my boyfriend's favourite image from the set.

Me and Nick have discussed a few times the whole digital vs film thing. I think digital has devalued the art to some extent, we're in an age where anyone can call themselves a photographer by buying a spandangly camera and putting it on to auto focus, never understanding the settings just clicking, hoping the best and deleting the crap. I have worked with plenty of people like this. When I tell people I am shooting with my boyfriend I make a point of informing them he is qualified not just a guy with a camera who takes pics of me being provocative in the kitchen.

My performance on Friday went insanely well I will blog it when I get some images from my lovely friend Lisa. Next on the cards for me is a shoot with Mr James Thorpe next weekend and performing at The Blue Room Burlesque, really excited about it, feeling the pressure of needing to do a serious, classical act, I'm not a very graceful girl. Not swan like, more like a really fat goat.