Halloween Costumes! There's still time!

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Ages ago I got asked to review amazing costume website www.joke.co.uk. This is a website I have used many a time for costumes for photo shoots and burlesque bits and bobs. Also for stuff for the kids too. Their selection is massive. I agreed to do the review before I started my current job at the RVI in Newcastle, but by the time it had all been finalised I'd started doing days where I got up at 5:30am and I don't get to sit down until 8pm so I've had little time nor energy for blogging. my own personal blog has taken a nosedive which is a shame because it was something I genuinely used to enjoy.

At the beginning of this year I planned to do a 2013 Dee La Beau Geek and Gamer Calender but sadly that has taken a back seat too and it is more likely that this will be a project I see into 2014 instead. I did however get two images for my calender using epic costumes from www.joke.co.uk. My next purchase from them will be their 80's Official Street Figther Chun Li costume, as it is perfect for my calender and also a little bit suggestive!

I did a shoot with friend and awesome photographer Richard Shepherd at local Mayfield Studio for my calender using Joke's Secret Wishes Ghostbuster costume. At £34.99 this is a fab way to look like a foxy Ghostbuster gal for your Halloween party. The fabric of the costume is awesome and soft, my only real complaint is that this wouldn't be suitable for anyone who has no bust and also the armbands were very very tight so if I wear it again I will probably need to snip them to loosen them and I don't think myself to have particularly fat arms.

Also a while back I treated myself to the Harley Quinn costume from Joke about 18 months ago. I know that at £45.99 you might think it's bit steep but it's very high quality and the fit was perfection based on their size charts. It's not currently available on the site, bet lots of foxy ladies have been getting it for Halloween, but it's well worth the wait and it is super sexy. I wore this for my engagement shoot, again with Richard Shepherd, and naturally my fiancĂ© was Joker, this one is currently available on Joke.

This costume website is the best one I have every had to used, their speed and quality service cannot be beaten along with their epic selection of costumes you are pretty much guaranteed to get what you are looking for from this website. They also stock some fantastic deluxe costumes, the Star Wars ones such as this Boba Fett one is of particular interest to me, for £826 I'm sure it is like being in the movie! The also stock some excellent ideas for couples such as Neo and Trinity (Matrix) Combo & He-Man and She-ra Costume Combo!

Also for women who are conscious about their shape there is 'Shaper Costumes' that have an element of shape wear in that pull you in and make the most of your assets so you can both look and feel super sexy. There are a few which are accurate homages to the costumers wore by Katy Perry, I also adore their Female Clown Costume

Good news is also that you still have 19 hours from now to get your hands on these (in stock) costumes in time for Halloween!  I'm sure you all have some fab parties and nights out for Halloween this week and next weekend! If you have been wanting to get a costume but you have been putting it off, or maybe you haven't found what you have been looking for, now is the time to check out www.joke.co.uk.