April Longest Month Ever....

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So I am no longer with my husband most of you will know that already, and I am back in Newcastle with the kiddywinkles. I have been living with my amazing top notch friends Ellen and Nick but have a flat that is almost ready for us to go into, just waiting for the gas to be turned on and get furniture moved from Berwick.

Had a couple of shoots on my birthday the results of which are below.
Firstly with the gorgeous Nicole at The Hourglass who listened to all my troubles, ALL of my troubles and it turned out she was right about everything.

Also on my birthday I had a Pirate/Rocky Horror Tribute Shoot with the love Mr James Thorpe
it was such a laugh. Me and Ellen were being noobs with the tiredness.

Had a crap evening, don't want to put any of it about here! So I'll sign off....