Surreality of August

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This month has been ever so long and odd full of ups and downs. I shall blog a shoot before I have a bit of a ramble.

Friday the 13th of August I had a very odd shoot in my own bathroom. I was shot by a fabulous gentleman called Jed Wee. It was so odd seeing my everyday room being set up with lights and stuff it was like it wasn't even my house anymore. I am very pleased with the images. I guess as can be expected with a shoot in a shower, they do have a very sort of 'Psycho' sort of feel to them. I have had a really nice response to them, considering I haven't got any slap on, I am not doing anything special, I have no props and my facial expressions were very limited due to the fact I had water running on my head. I was topless during this shoot but no pictures of my boobies were received which I think it good because it would have ruined them.

On a different note after spending two amazing weeks with my boyfriend in the early part of the month I am now going to have to experience the flip side of the coin because he is moving away. We are still together but I am going to have quite a bit more time to kill and I will be looking for support from lots of my mates until we ride the long distance thing out. I will also be looking to do shoots whenever I have a moment free to take my mind off it.

My offspring are ready for the return of school, my eldest particularly is at that annoying stage of hyper and he needs to get his brain worked on.

Like a Record Baby..

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Had a shoot a couple of weeks ago with lovely chap and excellent photographer Richard Hanley, who also lives in the same village where I live! The outlook of this shoot was instantly improved by the attendance of MUA Josephine Birkett who was an absolute star she knew exactly what I was after which all worked so well with the location.

Ah hah, the location was a record shop in Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre called Steel Wheels. It is completely different to how I remembered, it was relocated and downsized a lot, downloadable music probably to blame. I still had an amazing time and it was one of my favourite shoots to date. There wasn't really a lot to work with but I had a lot of fun and I am very very impressed with the images. Probably the first time I have seen any Dani in images that weren't taken by my boyfriend.

Here are a couple of my faves.

We could be Heroes....

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Well I was, for one night only doing a shoot next to The Sage - Gateshead for my boyfriend Nicholas Gray's billboard project.

He sort of explained it better in his blog if you want to read it but basically its a twin town thing between Sunderland and Essen, Germany. His work will be featured on billboards and he went for a film theme. Other images are spectacular also but you're gonna have to wait for them.

My Superhero is called Senorita Cleavage, very sort of Dee La Beau! She normally attacks the bad men and breaks their necks with their thighs and that sort of cartoon death sort of stuff. Her sidekick is Captain Cliche and enemies are the Defective Detective (with sidekick Hangover Boy) and the Haberdashery Man. I have had way too much time to think about this by the way.


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Well obviously not really! I did a lot of shoots last week and I just going to blog them one by one to give them the time they deserve.

I normally use Purestorm and Model Mayhem to arrange my shoots, if you're looks to start modeling this is a good place to start. I have had quite a lot of people asking lately. You can also find some photographers on Facebook too. Beware of perverts with cameras though because there are a fair few of them.

I had a shoot about two weeks ago with Russ and Paul, two fab guys who made me laugh, it was quite a weird set up having two photographers and one model. I have been to shoots where there have been two models and one photographer but this was completely different, bouncing ideas of each other and taking turns. It was good though and I am delighted with some of the images.

Attempt at being a Geek Goddess

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So it's not everyday I mooch down the Quayside with a Nerf gun in a skirt so short it is no longer really classed as a skirt. At 24 I should be utterly ashamed of myself.

I had a shoot with Adrian Wilson, had a fabulous time and here are some of my favourite images from the session.