Sobriety in Edinburgh

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So me and my number one chica Mrs Murphy had a tootle up to Edinburgh to see Alan Windram again last night, seems like ages ago since we saw him in Melrose in October.

The drive was OK, I didn't have to consult google maps on my mega ridiculous phone, which was good because it normally just confuses me more than it helps. This means me and Ellen are two for two for not getting lost in the last week.

We got to the Voodoo Rooms, yep we didn't even get lost on foot. and the venue was pretty funky actually. We didn't drink Ellen was driving and I was wanting to make sure I didn't make a spoon of myself. I had one vino sent one drunken text and was back on the cokes.

There was a support act, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Spoke with Alan's niece she couldn't believe what a crazy superfan I was, would be fair to say I blushed more than slightly, especially when Ellen was making me actually sound worse :p

The gig was just awesome, I am not going to lay it on too thick, I had a fab time and was lifted by the music. I enjoyed having a boogie and singing along, it was almost like being in my kitchen but with loads of other people there. I was disappointed they didn't do 'Until the Rain' because it's probably my favourite song.

Mr Windram recognised me probably thinks, there's that psycho, I'd better say something! Got my picture taken with him again. I was well stinky by this point in the evening, bouncing around in heels wasn't sensible.

We went to a wine bar place afterwards that had about 10 customers and 15 staff. Sylar was there and this chav that was imagining what my kidneys tasted like (well creepy). We had another two cokes because we are that hardcore and came home.

Dip in the Sea

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Amazing and swift shoot early shoot yesterday morning again with Nicholas Gray, there are other photographers in the North East but I'm quite attached to this one. He's utterly awesome, can't recommend him highly enough.

I had a crap nights sleep because I was convinced I was going to sleep in, my son snores like a smoker and the Murphy house doesn't half make some weird noises. It's like that scene in Red Dwarf 7 when Kochanski can sleep and she it making a list of the noises the pipes are making.

Rolled my bum out of bed at 4:45 put my gown on which I had ripped and sewn up the day before.

Ellen and I navigated our way to Sunderland not too badly and didn't get totally lost.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, it was cold and apparently the cold takes away every shred of sanity a person has, and I am lacking in that area at the best of times. There was creepy fog all over the place which was what convinced me not to dive in, also the waves are quite strong when you aren't actually sure whether you still have legs or not.

Ellen looked after me, taking a soggy gown of isn't nice! I almost flashed my boobs at a guy walking a dog. All in all it was a good morning

Thanks to all of you who Tweeted, Myspazzed and Facebooked lovely comments, and to my mate who called me just to say how awesome they were, it made jumping in the sea at 6:00am well worth it. You lot seem to prefer to blue one so I'll put it on the ol' blog!

Valentines' Day

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Well it's here tomorrow, haven't got anything for Mr Le Beau nor made plans. Like I said he's never made the effort and I have ran out of juice to try anymore. My Nan was round today saying it was stuff like that was important for keeping a marriage working, me and my husband don't even exchange anniversary cards. We have planned to have a massive Star Wars themed party for our 10th Wedding anniversary in 2012 if we make it.

I have my heart set on an Able Grable Dream Girl for the P-A-R-T-Y but I spied this on Etsy and fell in love, I wouldn't have the figure for it and lets be honest other than for a Star Wars themed hoo-haa when would I wear it again?

I am trying to get my gear together for a Mother/Daughter Wonder Woman shoot with my Baby Vee! I think we would look awesome as Wonder Women. I got some cute star hotpants from Etsy and a long line bra in ivory which I am going to dye red and sew on gold bits. Problem with having mahoosive boobies. Just hope the dye takes.

I can't really talk about too much on here now there are too many family eyes who might read this. You know who you are....Dave.

Day Two..

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of taking the pill. Day 3 is normally the day I decide to forget because yes I am that useless. The chances of me falling pregnant are pretty much zero anyway.

Nowt much on. My son has to go to the Doctor tomorrow because he has failed his hearing test twice. He probably just wasn't listening, he is easily distracted.

I am leaving the kids overnight for the first time ever on Thursday, I'm really nervous about it actually but I am so tired and drained, I could just do with some space. I shouldn't still be feeding Violet anyway she is going to have to deal just for one night. I need some cuddles and sympathy from my Ellen.

Getting my stuff together for my birthday Pin Up Pirate shoot with Mr James Thorpe I am SOOO excited. Also me and Ellz are getting foxed up as Magenta and Columbia from Rocky Horror. Not quite sure how I am going to do Columbia hair but I'll work it out somehow, I just found the most perfect underwear!

Had another shoot with the talented and handsome Nicholas Gray and I looked like a badass.


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A couple of weeks ago I was having a little bit of a moan about everything and I was feeling pretty down, now I feel like a completely different person, I actually feel on top of the world. Today I put on my swirliest dress and went for a walk with Vee and we were skipping and twirling. I enjoy smiling at people and making them smile.

I think lately I had become too concerned about what people think of me. I'm me, what you see is what you get, I'm outspoken, I'm an idiot at times but that is what makes me me! I am finally starting to do some stuff for myself, I feel like I have lived the last 5 years of my life just for other people. Don't get me wrong, I hate leaving the kids with family even, I am a control freak and I wish I could split myself in two but it's good for them to be away from me especially Violet.

Had to go to the Doctors today, how come as soon as you get in there you completely forget what is wrong with you? I was also somewhat surprised it was a gorgeous young lady Dr with killer shoes when I expected it to be a grumpy old git. She gave me the pill what is the betting I am awesome at taking it when doesn't matter.

Just asked a guy about renting a massive mermaid tail.....what am I on??

I am wanting a sort of cupless bra thing, like this one which was owned my Marylin Monroe, it's the only time I am going to have the guts to wear pasties and there are so many pretty ones I have my eye on. Gonna convince someone to make me one hopefully..

Wonder what Valentines...

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...equivalent to 'Bah-Humbug' would be? 'Bah-token heart shaped box of chocs' doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that Valentines Day doesn't feature for us anymore, when you have been together for 9 years it doesn't, hell we don't do anything for our wedding anniversary either, not because I am not sentimental but because the Mr isn't. I remember once when we rented a house from his ex's presents I found loads of love letters that he had wrote his ex and it proper peed me off. I asked how come you never did that for me, he answered 'I don't need to do that for you'. Thanks man.

Anyway imaginary scenario, I'm not married to Mr Le Beau, I am in a new relationship with super sensitive and romantic Mr Bailey Roth, we have been dating for a month or so and it's amazing. All that hot romance and stuff is there, he makes the effort, he's the perfect gent. He is taking me out on Valentines day and then we're going to walk along the beach barefoot and it's going to be at least 30oC.

The main question is! What the hell would I wear for this? Mr Le Beau says I don't suit red but I like red, so I am going to wear red goddamn it!

I have been eyeing it up for ages so I'd probably get myself the delicious Bettie Page Peek-a-boo dress from amazing store and eye candy heaven Pin up Parade

I am getting a pair of Rocket Originals for my birthday but for this frock I'd go for the Georgia Red/Cream ones and I'd seek out some gorgeous Rose themed hair item!

Ah well a girl is allowed to dream.......