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A couple of weeks ago I was having a little bit of a moan about everything and I was feeling pretty down, now I feel like a completely different person, I actually feel on top of the world. Today I put on my swirliest dress and went for a walk with Vee and we were skipping and twirling. I enjoy smiling at people and making them smile.

I think lately I had become too concerned about what people think of me. I'm me, what you see is what you get, I'm outspoken, I'm an idiot at times but that is what makes me me! I am finally starting to do some stuff for myself, I feel like I have lived the last 5 years of my life just for other people. Don't get me wrong, I hate leaving the kids with family even, I am a control freak and I wish I could split myself in two but it's good for them to be away from me especially Violet.

Had to go to the Doctors today, how come as soon as you get in there you completely forget what is wrong with you? I was also somewhat surprised it was a gorgeous young lady Dr with killer shoes when I expected it to be a grumpy old git. She gave me the pill what is the betting I am awesome at taking it when doesn't matter.

Just asked a guy about renting a massive mermaid tail.....what am I on??

I am wanting a sort of cupless bra thing, like this one which was owned my Marylin Monroe, it's the only time I am going to have the guts to wear pasties and there are so many pretty ones I have my eye on. Gonna convince someone to make me one hopefully..