Valentines' Day

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Well it's here tomorrow, haven't got anything for Mr Le Beau nor made plans. Like I said he's never made the effort and I have ran out of juice to try anymore. My Nan was round today saying it was stuff like that was important for keeping a marriage working, me and my husband don't even exchange anniversary cards. We have planned to have a massive Star Wars themed party for our 10th Wedding anniversary in 2012 if we make it.

I have my heart set on an Able Grable Dream Girl for the P-A-R-T-Y but I spied this on Etsy and fell in love, I wouldn't have the figure for it and lets be honest other than for a Star Wars themed hoo-haa when would I wear it again?

I am trying to get my gear together for a Mother/Daughter Wonder Woman shoot with my Baby Vee! I think we would look awesome as Wonder Women. I got some cute star hotpants from Etsy and a long line bra in ivory which I am going to dye red and sew on gold bits. Problem with having mahoosive boobies. Just hope the dye takes.

I can't really talk about too much on here now there are too many family eyes who might read this. You know who you are....Dave.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

If it makes you feel any better, our marriage has worked for nearly 17 years, we're perfectly happy and we don't do Valentines or even much on our anniversary! However my lovely husband tells me he loves me at every opportunity :o)