Dip in the Sea

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Amazing and swift shoot early shoot yesterday morning again with Nicholas Gray, there are other photographers in the North East but I'm quite attached to this one. He's utterly awesome, can't recommend him highly enough.

I had a crap nights sleep because I was convinced I was going to sleep in, my son snores like a smoker and the Murphy house doesn't half make some weird noises. It's like that scene in Red Dwarf 7 when Kochanski can sleep and she it making a list of the noises the pipes are making.

Rolled my bum out of bed at 4:45 put my gown on which I had ripped and sewn up the day before.

Ellen and I navigated our way to Sunderland not too badly and didn't get totally lost.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, it was cold and apparently the cold takes away every shred of sanity a person has, and I am lacking in that area at the best of times. There was creepy fog all over the place which was what convinced me not to dive in, also the waves are quite strong when you aren't actually sure whether you still have legs or not.

Ellen looked after me, taking a soggy gown of isn't nice! I almost flashed my boobs at a guy walking a dog. All in all it was a good morning

Thanks to all of you who Tweeted, Myspazzed and Facebooked lovely comments, and to my mate who called me just to say how awesome they were, it made jumping in the sea at 6:00am well worth it. You lot seem to prefer to blue one so I'll put it on the ol' blog!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Absolutely beautiful shot! Also anyone mad enough to jump into the sea near Sunderland in Feb at that time of the morning deserves a medal! I used to resist in Redcar & Whitby in midsummer ;o)

Stephanie St Clair said...

Wow, beautiful picture! It has a real ethereal, mystical feel. And yes I think you are unbelievably brave.xx

Lecari said...

A beautiful shot! I hope that made the photoshoot worthwhile :)