Sobriety in Edinburgh

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So me and my number one chica Mrs Murphy had a tootle up to Edinburgh to see Alan Windram again last night, seems like ages ago since we saw him in Melrose in October.

The drive was OK, I didn't have to consult google maps on my mega ridiculous phone, which was good because it normally just confuses me more than it helps. This means me and Ellen are two for two for not getting lost in the last week.

We got to the Voodoo Rooms, yep we didn't even get lost on foot. and the venue was pretty funky actually. We didn't drink Ellen was driving and I was wanting to make sure I didn't make a spoon of myself. I had one vino sent one drunken text and was back on the cokes.

There was a support act, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Spoke with Alan's niece she couldn't believe what a crazy superfan I was, would be fair to say I blushed more than slightly, especially when Ellen was making me actually sound worse :p

The gig was just awesome, I am not going to lay it on too thick, I had a fab time and was lifted by the music. I enjoyed having a boogie and singing along, it was almost like being in my kitchen but with loads of other people there. I was disappointed they didn't do 'Until the Rain' because it's probably my favourite song.

Mr Windram recognised me probably thinks, there's that psycho, I'd better say something! Got my picture taken with him again. I was well stinky by this point in the evening, bouncing around in heels wasn't sensible.

We went to a wine bar place afterwards that had about 10 customers and 15 staff. Sylar was there and this chav that was imagining what my kidneys tasted like (well creepy). We had another two cokes because we are that hardcore and came home.