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Ok, those who know me personally know I have stuff going on, it's working out fine and I think it will all be alright in the end, obviously I am not going to blog about it.

However I haven't blogged in March yet and feel the need to babble on for a little bit. Well actually I am just pimping out my friends mostly.

Firstly that photographer man I have been boring you about Nicholas Gray you can now become a fan on Facebook. So please do.

Secondly my delightful lady friend Miss Matilda has been busy designing some absolutely amazing frocks, so you should go and have a little browse at I love the Ready Hedy in yellow it is like Spring rolled into a gorgeous frock.

I have started doing some charity work which I am not really going to talk about that much either but I am finding it very interesting and fulfilling, feels amazing to have something that is mine after being a wife/mother and nothing else for so long.

Gathering stuff together for my birthday shoots, if I didn't have all this home craziness going on I would actually be excited about turning 24, I feel like I look tonnes older at the moment.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Nice to 'hear' from you! Great that you're doing some charity work, it lifts the soul doesn't it to do stuff for other people.

And only 24? Don't get me started ;o)

Miss Matilda said...

Don't get me started either LOL!

You are an inspiring lady and of course there are many manyexciting adventures ahead of you. When I was 24 I was very unhappy, my mum was ill, I didn't have a love interest, I was doing my nurse training and stuck in the back of beyond in nurses quarters, without a car in a less than desirable area....oh yeah, this little ole lady can tell you, you'bb be okay and you are okay xxx love ya!

Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

I'm 24 too and know how you feel about feeling way older! Being a momma sure doesn't help! I was fixing up some victory rolls the other day and I swear I saw a grey hair!! Oh well, I guess. Platinum is always fashionable! :)