30th! Mixed Emotion Day!

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30th of September is a weird day for me personally. It is a big Yay! day in a massive way because it is my friends' anniversary. Ellen and Nick are super important to my, I remember their wedding day so well. I was Maid of Honour just as Ellz was for mine. Their wedding was fab, full of prettiness and fabulous people. I was also about 14 weeks pregnant at the time, it was just a really nice day at a really fabulous time of my life. Everything was good then. We lived out on a farm in a place called Harlow Hill, we had a gorgeous teeny cottage full of character.

However my friends may remember that in 2004 I found out I was pregnant in January, the circumstances around it were pretty terrible, surrounded by questions and a pile of crazy. This baby would have been due on the 30th of September. I had a miscarriage in the February and also got sacked. So the 30th of September is a day absolutely filled with memories, some good some bad.

I am in no way fishing for sympathy by the way! I am strong lady and have coped with everything thrown my way so far.

Dinosaur Theories

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I don't really have much to say tonight! Just a quite theory conjured by my four year old son. He decided that there are no more dinosaurs because the sun came down from the sky and snapped all the dinosaurs in half and then went back up to the sky. I love crazy little kiddies! Laurence's teacher from last year said she could see him being the future Prime Minister, I think that is pretty impressive!!! One proud Mama! Ooh they were both really cute at the wedding too!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Nightshift Repographics (http://www.myspace.com/nightshift_reprographics) who did a fabulous job of my cute new TrixyDee banner!

Wedding :D

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Went to my sisters wedding today! In the lovely Seahouses (I quite enjoy the puffin on the Seahouses website). The weather was gorgeous, my poor mother was so unbelievably stressed, I could just tell she wasn't enjoying it as much as she should have done. Even with the stress my Mam still looked about 15 years younger than she is!

My sister looked beautiful, and the groom and his team looked super dapper in their brown and gold suits, and my niece Charlie looked so cute I could just about eat her up!!

My two were shattered most of the day so we didn't really stay very long. I am not generally a fan of wedding but today was very short and sweet. If we didn't have the kids with us we probably would have stayed longer and mingled more.

I wore a gorgeous purple dress which I bought from the amazing delightful MissMatilda! :)
I had several people say how amazing the dress was.


Here we go....

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Just a quick blog! I sense I will be doing another one later on or tomorrow ;)

I had two amazing shoots with Greg Sanders on Saturday, one was a group shoot with some gorgeous gals. It was so much crazy fun trying to squeeze us all in such a short amount of time. Greg was a pro, an absolutely diamond.

On Sunday we went round and had some fantastic cupcakes with Laura (the gorgeous gal about in the red/black spotty divine corset!). She is hoping to make her living out of her cupcakes and I hope she does!!! Join her Facebook group or follow on Twitter and show some support!!!

Finally! If you want to see me naked! Grab an Hourglass calendar from www.thehourglass.eu I am delighted to be next to these beautiful womens!

Growing up!

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My little boy started big school last, they ease them in gradually. Last week they were there until 11:45 and this week they stay for lunch and next week they are there all day. He looks so old and grown up in his school uniform. It doesn't seem like two minutes ago he was a tiny little bundle in a moses basket. I am very proud of him. He has such an amazing vocabulary for a little boy of 4, although he lacks a bit in the common sense section of the brain, bless him. He was so lazy this morning I had to go up and get his out of bed. I do have a full year of my baby girl at home before she starts nursery. She is a lot less work than Laurence, she can entertain herself. She is singing and dancing round in a circle as I type.

My OU stuff starts up this month again, I have had a bit of a six month break because it was starting to make me feel physically sick. I was getting so demoralised. However I am refreshed and ready to start again. I am doing a degree in Health and Social care. After which, when the kids are at school full time, I want to go to Uni full time to do midwifery.

Supposed to be having a shoot this weekend with Greg Sanders, or not sure if my corset is going to arrive on time. My corset lady appears to have gone off message. My corset is being made from this fabric, I got loads of cute things to match too. Sure she will get back to me, she is probably just waiting until she has finished or something. I have too much time to dwell on things when I am at home all day. I think people do stuff to be awkward or out malice but its just my brain doing overtime and reading too much crappy stuff in the news. Ooh you can also see Greg's work on Facebook

What I Have Been Up To!?

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Had a really interesting time since my last blog just been so busy! I got my photos back from my Hourglass Shoot and they are absolutely gorgeous! I find it difficult to believe it is even me they are so pretty. I am also featured in the Hourglass 2010 Calendar, I am Miss April! Dying to see myself in print. Here is my favourite pic from my HG shoot.

Also if you check out http://www.madamelestrange.com/ you will see my ugly mug there too. I look forward to buying myself some more MLS corsets in the future, that gorgeous Neon creation is as comfy as a t-shirt! I love it! If you are considering a custom corset this is the lady to go to. Also my corset has been named the 'Danielle' :) an absolute honour.

Still waiting for my piccies from Christine, but I sure they will be fabulous too, I am dying to see them.