Growing up!

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My little boy started big school last, they ease them in gradually. Last week they were there until 11:45 and this week they stay for lunch and next week they are there all day. He looks so old and grown up in his school uniform. It doesn't seem like two minutes ago he was a tiny little bundle in a moses basket. I am very proud of him. He has such an amazing vocabulary for a little boy of 4, although he lacks a bit in the common sense section of the brain, bless him. He was so lazy this morning I had to go up and get his out of bed. I do have a full year of my baby girl at home before she starts nursery. She is a lot less work than Laurence, she can entertain herself. She is singing and dancing round in a circle as I type.

My OU stuff starts up this month again, I have had a bit of a six month break because it was starting to make me feel physically sick. I was getting so demoralised. However I am refreshed and ready to start again. I am doing a degree in Health and Social care. After which, when the kids are at school full time, I want to go to Uni full time to do midwifery.

Supposed to be having a shoot this weekend with Greg Sanders, or not sure if my corset is going to arrive on time. My corset lady appears to have gone off message. My corset is being made from this fabric, I got loads of cute things to match too. Sure she will get back to me, she is probably just waiting until she has finished or something. I have too much time to dwell on things when I am at home all day. I think people do stuff to be awkward or out malice but its just my brain doing overtime and reading too much crappy stuff in the news. Ooh you can also see Greg's work on Facebook