What I Have Been Up To!?

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Had a really interesting time since my last blog just been so busy! I got my photos back from my Hourglass Shoot and they are absolutely gorgeous! I find it difficult to believe it is even me they are so pretty. I am also featured in the Hourglass 2010 Calendar, I am Miss April! Dying to see myself in print. Here is my favourite pic from my HG shoot.

Also if you check out http://www.madamelestrange.com/ you will see my ugly mug there too. I look forward to buying myself some more MLS corsets in the future, that gorgeous Neon creation is as comfy as a t-shirt! I love it! If you are considering a custom corset this is the lady to go to. Also my corset has been named the 'Danielle' :) an absolute honour.

Still waiting for my piccies from Christine, but I sure they will be fabulous too, I am dying to see them.