Snowing Again! I'm thinking High Waisted Shorts....

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Just before Christmas I developed an unnatural obsession for vintage swimsuits and high waisted shorts. There are loads of shorts of out there with a bit of a vintage flavour, or even to wear with crazy tights and DM's.

I got my very first pair from Tara Starlet I am normally a size 12 (although I have to admit I have quite a curvalicious rear) and the 12 fit me perfectly. I got the red ones, the fabric is really nice reasonably this but with a bit of stretch. At £45 they seem an bit bit steep for how teeny they are but I'd say these are my first and my favourite high waisted shorts. Mega cheesy pic of me wearing aforementioned shorts.

I also have a pair from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown a gorgeous store than does some really pretty dress, hairbands, playsuits and all sorts of repro vintage stuff, I went there because I specifically wanted a pair in tartan and she makes tartan frocks so I asked her to run me up a pair of the shorts. I am not going to complain too much because the shorts are gorgeous but even though I have lost weight the zipper still falls down without any sort of pressure. I am going to get a new zipper put in them. I do love them though they are a really cute shape.

I have also been having a rummage on the High St from cute shorts, I managed to get a stunning floral pair from Topshop, but had to get a size 16! Wish I was shocked about because I am normally a 12 but there is not a snowball in hells chance I was going to get into a 12 of these babies.

Miss Selfridge has a very cute selection like these. And I have seen a cute grey pair in Next I want to invest in.

Belt Shopping Discoveries!

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I needed to buy a really skinny belt, an idea I have to admit I have borrowed from Fleur De Guerre who wore a skinny belt with her gorgeous Able Grable Wicked Lady and Lutie Mae frocks. So I went on a bit of a mission to find one this morning, I just wanted a basic black one, nothing fancy I bought one from I think the belt idea is fabulous because it makes the amazing frocks look a smidge more casual.

I like the fact p&p is free from this site and there is massive selection and range of prices.

Found a few things I love!

I think I could totally rock this dress.

I love this bag! And it's even in the sale :)

And this cute little Lucite Brooch has caught my eye!

Jelly and Dice and all things Nice!

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Ok! Newcastle, Edinburgh, Borders photographers with access to a pleasant bath!
I would like my next shoot to involve....

One of these from For Luna

Some of this to turn the bath water into jelly type stuff!

And tonnes of Dice and/or Poker Chips to sit on top of the Jelly!

If anyone nabs my idea please lemme' see your piccies!

Is it really still January!?

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This has been the longest month ever! Can't wait for next month, it's short we don't have to pay council tax what's not to love?

I got some fantabulous pics from Christine Patterson from two shoots I did with her last year. All really different, I have kind decided I don't have a face for head shots though, my face is just all a bit weird and my eyes are too uneven.

My family is still having a tough time, I feel a bit like glue just holding it all together, passing on messages, giving my opinions I am finding it quite tiring. Especially when I have my own stuff going on and find it difficult to talk about and can't discuss it with them.

I really miss role playing, might have to round up some geek types in Berwick and see if we could start something up round our house, we are the only people with kids so it makes sense to have it at ours.

I am trying to do some music again too, no photographers in Berwick-upon-Tweed means that I can't really shoot all that often, I have done it a couple of times but I hate getting on the train by myself and leaving the kids. God knows what I am going to be like when I start Uni.

Already looking forward to my birthday! Ordering my present from my hubby from La Magia tomorrow. I'll save all that for another blog.

I'm Too Old For....

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* Quentin Tarantino Movies
* Smoking Weed in Bus Stops
* Ugg Boots
* Camel Toe
* Underwear You Can't See
* Spin the Bottle
*Unrequited Love
* Outdoor Totally Nude Sex
* Oral Sex In the Cinema
* WKD's of Any Colour in fact any Vodka Based Chav Beverage
* Lambrini
* Sugar Coated Promises
* Liars and Timewasters
* Voting for any Reality TV Programme
* 17 Year Old boys
* Keeping my Opinions to Myself
* Ordering Wine in Pizza Hut
* Going to Bedrocks (Awful club in Berwick-upon-Tweed)
* Ibiza
* Twilight
* Lady Gaga
* Cheestrings
* White Wolf Role Playing Games (D10 system sucks)
* Getting Wankered and Not Remembering Stuff
* Using Text Speak
* Caring if my engagement ring gets scratched
* Any strong emotion that could tip me over the edge
* Emo
* Talking about suicide
*Self Harming
(Those three sort of go together)
* Spending £300 on a pair of Jeans
* Gok Wan
* Harry Hill
* Jelly Babies (I'm old enough for Wine Gums Now)
* Having the number of candles on my cake the same as my actual age
* Line Dancing (Even the Macarena or Wig Wam Bam)
* Thinking I can turn a gay person straight using only my hotness
* Genital Piercings
* Lipstick Jungle
* Dredging up the Past
* Ordering the most expensive thing on the menu because I know someone else is paying
* Having Posters of Men (Apart from Tim Roth) in my Bedroom
* The Simpsons
*Staying up until 3:00 in the morning just talking
* Big Brother
* Arguing about the existence of ghosties
* Being told to 'get a room' in public
* Linking arms with my girlfriends.
* Having sex in public toilets
* High School Musical
* Any form of sex in a moving vehicle
* Tutting in queues
* Licking Strangers
* Making Goose Noises on Buses
* Taking off my clothes when drunk
* Staying awake after sex
* Micro Chips
* Findus Crispy Pancakes
* Sandwiches made of sugar and 100's and 1000's
* Making sex noise to annoy the neighbours
*Sunny Delight and Um Bongo
*Wolf Whistling
*Trying to remember the Statex Christmas Party 2003, it's better I don't.
*Complaining that crazy lady feeds the Seagulls
*Stalking People I Like
*Making Empty Threats
*Lycra Hotpants
*Removing every teeny bit of pubic hair, I can't pass for 11 everywhere else why would I bother down there
*Wonderbras (That may also be a sizing issue)
*Singing Billie Piper Songs at the Top of My Voice
*Backing my Ass Up

Just a flying blog...

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Had three shoots in two days! Sort of! And one guy, Nicholas Gray has been super sonic fast in getting the pics back to us (my friend Ellen came along too!) Just thought I'd post a couple of my faves, I'll blog about it properly later.

Had such a lovely day yesterday, every now and again you meet some really interesting new people and that's what happened to me.

Anyhoo, I have to skidaddle will do one properly laters!

Winter Wonderland

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Just taking a little minute to do a blog, my husband has just started a week off (hopefully!) and is outside with the children building a Snowman! It bring a little tear to my eye seeing them out there together. I am meant to be inside researching tumble dryers because mine just died a death and it now smells of burning and sounds like it constantly has a pair of trainers in it. I have been putting it on when we go out so our poor neighbours have had to put up with the banging. Not that I have been going far. We have had the most awful snow the North has seen for a long time. Its been here for over a week and it's terrible, we can't go anywhere! One good thing is that we haven't had a power cut!

I took this photo on my phone on the way to the shops yesterday but it's actually got a bit worse since then.

The kids love to play in it but selfishly I have been trying to keep them in just because naturally they want to roll around in it and get soaked but I can't get any washing dry due to dead tumble. I will be glad when it all disappears! We all have cabin fever, even the cats are going stir crazy!
This is my cat Lotus. She is a freak.

I am meant to have shoots with three photographers next week. Chris Randle a student from Sunderland University, my good friend Greg Sanders and another funky guy I discovered on Model Mayhem Nicholas Gray. I am wearing all sorts of prettiness and I am dying to try it all on when the postie delivers.

I did receive today a gorgeous Kiss Me Deadly set I won in a blog giveaway! It's gorgeous, I was really delighted, it was a really nice way to start the year. I won the Ruby Van Doren set. It is something I probably wouldn't have purchased myself because I normally wear an F/FF cup but I took a risk on a 34DD and it was actually quite roomy. I could have maybe even have got away with the 32. It's beautiful, it makes my boobies look quite impressive and I look forward to buying more Kiss Me Deadly stuff in the future.

Plans for 2010

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I don't normally make resolutions but I am going to set myself some targets.

1. Firstly I need to potty train my daughter, she is almost 3 and I am just going to have to take the time, be patient and cope with the awful bits until she understands. I was lucky with Laurence he just understood it straight away, within months he was even sleeping without a nappy.

2. I want to pass my OU course. I am currently doing a module called Working for Health which I am finding really interesting I just wish I had the time and energy to invest into it.

3. I desperately want an Able Grable Ann Darrow. I had my heart set on the purple but since receiving a picture of the colour chart yesterday I might go for something completely different. It is such a beautiful frock. I am going to get myself a Dream Girl for my 10th Wedding Anniversary party in 2012! It's quite sad that I am already excited about that but I am, (hopefully) I will be 26 and celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary, I think that's an achievement.
Tell me what's not to love about the Ann Darrow!

4. Perfect my vintage hairstyling. I am getting there. My hair dries totally poker straight, it takes loads of effort to put a curl in. I do just sit when watching TV and do victory rolls and I am getting better at it. I just have so much weighty thick hair at the back, I can finish doing a style and have loads of extra hair left.

5. I want to do at least one shoot a month, preferably two. I already have shoots with 5 photographers organised which is nice. I'd like to do some more outside.

My NYE was quite nice actually, we were at my Dad's house. He is growing on me now, we didn't talk for years, but I am finding a place for him now. I don't really have a Dad as such someone I could talk to about stuff and depend on but I do have two fathers and if nothing else they are around to look after other people I love. My Dad makes a flippin' mean curry.

I wish everyone who might come across my blog a wonderful 2010, filled with love, happiness and achievement!

D x