Winter Wonderland

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Just taking a little minute to do a blog, my husband has just started a week off (hopefully!) and is outside with the children building a Snowman! It bring a little tear to my eye seeing them out there together. I am meant to be inside researching tumble dryers because mine just died a death and it now smells of burning and sounds like it constantly has a pair of trainers in it. I have been putting it on when we go out so our poor neighbours have had to put up with the banging. Not that I have been going far. We have had the most awful snow the North has seen for a long time. Its been here for over a week and it's terrible, we can't go anywhere! One good thing is that we haven't had a power cut!

I took this photo on my phone on the way to the shops yesterday but it's actually got a bit worse since then.

The kids love to play in it but selfishly I have been trying to keep them in just because naturally they want to roll around in it and get soaked but I can't get any washing dry due to dead tumble. I will be glad when it all disappears! We all have cabin fever, even the cats are going stir crazy!
This is my cat Lotus. She is a freak.

I am meant to have shoots with three photographers next week. Chris Randle a student from Sunderland University, my good friend Greg Sanders and another funky guy I discovered on Model Mayhem Nicholas Gray. I am wearing all sorts of prettiness and I am dying to try it all on when the postie delivers.

I did receive today a gorgeous Kiss Me Deadly set I won in a blog giveaway! It's gorgeous, I was really delighted, it was a really nice way to start the year. I won the Ruby Van Doren set. It is something I probably wouldn't have purchased myself because I normally wear an F/FF cup but I took a risk on a 34DD and it was actually quite roomy. I could have maybe even have got away with the 32. It's beautiful, it makes my boobies look quite impressive and I look forward to buying more Kiss Me Deadly stuff in the future.


PinkPixie said...

I Love Kiss Me Deadly stuff, it's a beautiful set