Is it really still January!?

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This has been the longest month ever! Can't wait for next month, it's short we don't have to pay council tax what's not to love?

I got some fantabulous pics from Christine Patterson from two shoots I did with her last year. All really different, I have kind decided I don't have a face for head shots though, my face is just all a bit weird and my eyes are too uneven.

My family is still having a tough time, I feel a bit like glue just holding it all together, passing on messages, giving my opinions I am finding it quite tiring. Especially when I have my own stuff going on and find it difficult to talk about and can't discuss it with them.

I really miss role playing, might have to round up some geek types in Berwick and see if we could start something up round our house, we are the only people with kids so it makes sense to have it at ours.

I am trying to do some music again too, no photographers in Berwick-upon-Tweed means that I can't really shoot all that often, I have done it a couple of times but I hate getting on the train by myself and leaving the kids. God knows what I am going to be like when I start Uni.

Already looking forward to my birthday! Ordering my present from my hubby from La Magia tomorrow. I'll save all that for another blog.