Plans for 2010

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I don't normally make resolutions but I am going to set myself some targets.

1. Firstly I need to potty train my daughter, she is almost 3 and I am just going to have to take the time, be patient and cope with the awful bits until she understands. I was lucky with Laurence he just understood it straight away, within months he was even sleeping without a nappy.

2. I want to pass my OU course. I am currently doing a module called Working for Health which I am finding really interesting I just wish I had the time and energy to invest into it.

3. I desperately want an Able Grable Ann Darrow. I had my heart set on the purple but since receiving a picture of the colour chart yesterday I might go for something completely different. It is such a beautiful frock. I am going to get myself a Dream Girl for my 10th Wedding Anniversary party in 2012! It's quite sad that I am already excited about that but I am, (hopefully) I will be 26 and celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary, I think that's an achievement.
Tell me what's not to love about the Ann Darrow!

4. Perfect my vintage hairstyling. I am getting there. My hair dries totally poker straight, it takes loads of effort to put a curl in. I do just sit when watching TV and do victory rolls and I am getting better at it. I just have so much weighty thick hair at the back, I can finish doing a style and have loads of extra hair left.

5. I want to do at least one shoot a month, preferably two. I already have shoots with 5 photographers organised which is nice. I'd like to do some more outside.

My NYE was quite nice actually, we were at my Dad's house. He is growing on me now, we didn't talk for years, but I am finding a place for him now. I don't really have a Dad as such someone I could talk to about stuff and depend on but I do have two fathers and if nothing else they are around to look after other people I love. My Dad makes a flippin' mean curry.

I wish everyone who might come across my blog a wonderful 2010, filled with love, happiness and achievement!

D x