Sum up - 2009

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It would be fair say this year hasn't been particularly tense or emotional as last year. First time in a long while where nothing has really changed all that much. We haven't moved house, we haven't got pregnant, I am still breastfeeding, we haven't had any major injuries between the four of us it's just been a nice and quiet year.

January 2009
We went away for a week for Ian's 33rd birthday stayed in a cottage just outside of Newcastle, it was really nice to have the space and be able to have people round. Me and Ellen had our first photo shoot with a stranger, my 2nd ever and it had been a year since my previous one. Ian also wore my purple flares for last NYE which amused me muchly. I won the title of 2008 21st Century Pin-up which was a massive thing for me, huge competition gorgeous girls, it was amazing that me a mother of two who isn't skinny nor particularly attractive won.

February 2009
We had some really heavy snow and the kids loved it! Laurence was at nursery and had settled at this point and enjoyed it lots.
March 2009
My 23rd Birthday, I can't remember it very well. We went to Center Parcs with my family in March but Ian couldn't get the time off I was mega mega stressed as the kids were really too young to do anything there and I couldn't manage taking them swimming or anything on my own. It was cold and I was a grumpy git. I did enjoy the squirrels though. I have just been looking at the pics and I remember going on a really nice walk with our friends Ellen and Nick and taking a bazillion photos.

April 2009
April the first! April Fools day! My daughters birthday. I am sure she is going to get really bored of my husband pretending we haven't got her any presents! I made her a Care Bear cake, at that time Friend Bear was her favourite toy she took it everywhere. We had a little tea party but I don't remember it all that well, my Nan was moving house on the same day so that was more intense and crazy I remember my Nan was really ill on the day they moved.

May 2009
Laurence's birthday he was 4 whole years old! Meaning he was going to have to start school in September and I was going to have to let the hell go. His birthday was more fun that Vee's! Nothing much else going on. We made him a Postman Pat SDS Van cake and went to soft play. All Laurence wanted for his birthday was a cuckoo clock. I don't know where he got the idea from, we got him one that has a cat inside that has eaten a bird. Much more amusing than a regular cuckoo clock. Laurence also got a hamster called Nicole for his birthday from his Aunty Ellen and Uncle Nick.

June 2009
Quiet month. Consisted mostly of visits to the beach, lighthouse, parks and we also went to the local Green festival. Nothing particularly wow! I don't have any pics of terrible rain so I presume it was a good time for laundry last June! :)

July 2009
My niece had her first Birthday, little Charlie turned 1. I remember her birthday but mostly because the week after the kids were really ill and had conjunctivitis and a flu type thing, then I got ill too and it was just awful. One thing I hate most about being a mother is illness for two reasons, firstly there is nothing worse that seeing your babies ill, secondly if you fall ill you can't rest up and get better you just have to get the hell on with things.

August 2009
We had a trip down south to see family and friends. Always such a nightmare drive with two kids in the car for 4-5 hours but on the way up we stopped a couple of times and it wasn't so bad. I love how the kids somehow manage to make a massive mess in Travelodges even though there is virtually no furniture in there. This was the month I also go my gorgeous Madame le Strange creation and had my first Hourglass shoot. Which was just amazing, so much so I have booked another for my birthday in March. It was also our 7th wedding anniversary on the 17th. Every year I am shock we have managed to make it another year! Me and an my husband has a very honest relationship which can at times be pretty fiery.

September 2009
I had a couple of shoots with the fabulous Greg Sanders friend and down trodden, bullied, victimised shop assistant, he still manages to be perky though and his pics are fabulous. One of the shoots I had the pleasure of wearing an Able Grable frock designed by my wonderful friend Miss Matilda. My friendship with Miss M is one of the best things that 2009 has given to me, I enjoy her 'company' and conversations very much. September also brought my sister's wedding, chaotic, crazy, I hate going to weddings with the kids but we made it out alive.

October 2009
October was a pretty quiet month up until the last week. Laurence was on half term and had a Halloween party. He didn't want to go as something scary so he went as Superman, Violet went as Fire Witch, Ian went as Freddy Krueger (again!), I went as a (not too) Wenchy Pirate. I have to admit the kids Mum did a really good job at organising the party even though she is someone I probably wouldn't choose to spend time with. I took some delicious and gorgeous cakes from Loopy's Cupcakes, we snaffled about 5 of the 24 we took. I had an awesome Christmas themed shoot with Yvette Bessels, fabulous tog I really enjoyed working with her! I had another shoot with a another tog but it's so awful it isn't worth mentioning what an absolute time waster.

November 2009
Didn't get to go out for Bonfire Night because Ian was working, which is shame because we normally go out and get some stuff from the chippy and sit on the Quayside and watch the Fireworks on the opposite side of the river on Dock Road. How tight are we?? The handy thing is that we can even see them from the warmth of the car. Ellen and Nick did bring some sparklers, Laurence loved them Violet wasn't so sure. I had a shoot with Sarah Chappell absolutely diamond lady. She came up a massive hill with all her kid in the rain despite being pregnant and feeling sickly. I really appreciate it, we got some funky unusual images. I really like location shoots.

December 2009.
Never have I seen or been forced to live with a child as hyper as Laurence was this month. Bouncing off the walls! I think him being at school full time has made him worse because he has been feeding off the excitement of other children. He was getting up at 5:00am just to open his advent calendar. I was quite organised this year up until all the stuff with the swine flu kicked off. We still managed to have a lovely Christmas just the 4 of us. It was the first Christmas since Violet was born that we haven't had people round it was really fab. Also just before Christmas my Dad invited my Mum and Step Dad round for dinner, it was a big thing for them and it meant a lot to my Nana. We went round to my Dad's on NYE for a curry. I did then manage to slip on his steep hill death trap of an icy drive and bruise my tushie. I am less than pleased about that!

It's New Years day now. I am looking forward to seeing with 2010 has to bring us 4 Edwards'! I already have a shoot on the 15th and 16th to look forward to. Ian's birthday is also on the 13th which is a nice event to slip us into the year!

I hope anyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas and I am sending you warm, best wishes for 2010.

D x