Long week ahead...

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Can't quite believe Laurence is finished at school for Christmas a whole week before the big day, he is a totally big hyper lump of boy! He's a nutter, luckily we are most sorted, we just need to get some stuff for his stocking so were are having a quick scuttle down town on Christmas Eve, I think it's nice to soak up some of the atmosphere. It's so nice to see him so excited but he is going to be very hard work. He keeps waking up at 5:00am just to open his advent calendar.

I am making more of an effort to sort Violet on the potty, without grossing people out too much we have the hang of Number 1's she just waits for a nappy for the other kind. Fingers crossed we will crack it the week before New Years when Ian is home the whole time.

We are having a nice quiet Christmas at home just the 4 of us. My Nana said she would pop in for a bit in the morning and we said we would go to my Mum's for a little while in the evening but most of the day it will just be us and it's fab we have had people the last two Christmases.

Bought a bargain dress from Pin-Up Parade! if you aren't familiar with this site already and you like a gorgeous frock you should go and have a look see!

I got all the bits and bobs for my friend Ellen's main Christmas present, I hope she likes it. I put tonnes of thought into it and even a smidge of sewing, not as much as I had intended to.

I finally got some pics from a shoot I did 7 weeks ago, they are mega raw so I have just messing with the levels to eek the background out. I think some of them are cute, they all look a bit 80's!
But I don't think it's a bad thing. I was wearing my Alan Windram t-shirt but you can't really see it. I am SOOOO excited about seeing him again in Feb. Melty soul voice magic!