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Vivien of Holloway vs HeyDay

I am also going to review the stores while I am here because one has a much better level of customer service than the other.

Firstly Viven of Holloway

I ordered a pair of their 1940's style trousers. I know they are mega famous for their halter dresses (the world and their cousin has one especially the spotty ones, can't complain though I love my Purple gingham one!). I ordered a grey pair, they emailed to say they didn't have the grey, I asked for the red, they emailed back to say they didn't have the red, I emailed again to ask which ones they did have, they replied to say they had none in my size and that I would have to wait. Why they didn't do that in the first place I don't know! However eventually they came in and I couldn't get grey, nor red and I ended up getting purple.

The trousers I can't really fault. Lots of people are put off by the vintage sizing, I am a vintage 16 or a modern 12 it doesn't bother me particularly. The fit of the trousers are lovely and very slimming, I love the detail of the pocket. The purple is a bit drab but I really like them, just struggle to find things to match the shade.

Hey Day

I have a pair of the Chocolate Swing Trousers from Hey Day as modelled on the site by the beautiful Fleur De Guerre and the customer service from Shona is absolutely second to none, I had asked her numerous questions about sizing, my friend is getting a custom pair of trousers made and she has been an absolute doll. The selection of colour is amazing and also Hey Day uses regular modern day sizing which I know a lot people prefer.

I much prefer the fit and fabric of my trousers from Hey Day and they feel lots more comfortable. There is a smidge or stretch that you don't get with the VoH ones and also I think they wash and iron better. I do miss the pocket detail a bit from the Viv of Holloway ones but the Hey Day ones are a much nicer pair of trousers and I would recommend them more.

I would also like to add I have quite a sizeable arse and this style of trousers look really good on me, they make my curves look nice. So if you want to treat yourself to some vintage style trousers in the New Year I would recommend HeyDay highly!


Miss Matilda said...

Thanks ever so for that, when I get my 2 stone off I'm going to order some based on your reccomendation.
Are the prices good?

Dee La Beau said...

Voh is £38

Hey Day is £40

So well worth the extra couple of quid!

Helen Highwater said...

VoH's customer service is... well... I can't comment. I have some sailor trousers from them and they give me camel foot! Might be because I needed to go up a size, of course.

However, I didn't know Hey Day did custom-sizes. Maybe they'll do some for my enormous treetrunks!