Able Grable Scarlet Street Blouse

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I go through phases where I find an item I like and have it in lost of different colours. My favourite item of this type is my Scarlet Street blouses from Able Grable.

I had a shoot with my partner Nicholas Gray in Bananastudio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and we had some fun and got some insanely colourful shots of me rocking my blouse. And I thought I would just share some with you.

I teamed my blouses with frilly panties from Lulu & Lush and What Katie Did and Hair Accessories from Flamingo Amy, Sighs and Whispers and Wandering Gypsy Couture.

After I shot all my blouses we also done a few implied nude here is my favourite, it looks kinda 90's but I really like it.

Etsy Time Waster

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Hello, my name is Dee La Beau and I am a self confessed Etsy time waster!

Sure lots of vintage lovers concur that it is far to easy to sit down at your computer wack some searching in Etsy and have your eyes consumed by the mish mash of loveliness and evident fake 'vtg' items.

One of my favourite Etsy shops is Fab Gabs

There is just something very wonderful and professional about the store front and the ways the items are photographed and the models that are used. This store is just so lovely to browse, there are little photo sets for each items and the descriptions push you even further towards wanting to part with pennies for a piece of prettiness.

She is actually having a sale at the moment so there is plenty of bargain potential! She has lots of swimsuits and play suits at the moment too, perfect for the 'wonderful British summer we are having!!'.

This is my favourite item from her store, it's a gorgeous 1947 wedding dress, I am probably never going to need one again but if I did I would want something as stunning as this. (Image taken from FabGabs Etsy store)

What's fresh like?

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Should do some blogging about me I guess...

Me and my offspring are safely settled in Newcastle, my son enjoys school and my daughter is ready for school. They are adjusting to everything really well, we have plenty of laughs. I actually get out with them, take them places. It's nice to be able to do that because there is stuff to do and places to go. I feel pretty good about my maternal skills package.

In other news I have a boyfriend. He is utterly odd and weird like me but he makes me happy and he makes it feel ok that I am as freakish as I am. He has kinda filled a little hole that I barely knew existed, but now it has been filled I am more of an entire human being. I am very much in love and ever so happy. Just unfortunate I don't get to see him all that often.

Doing a shoot on Thursday and have a gazillion lined up for August! I am very excited about it all. I decided not to post up any of my art nude ones, apart from anything else I don't think it's anyone should want to see or should see. I got all my pics back from my shoot with Grahame Jenkins I can't really decide which one I like best but I quite like this one because I look genuinely scared.

Decisions Decisions

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Good Morning!!

I have emailed so many photographers lately they are all just merged into a massive uber gloopy photographic orb, like 'The Blob' or something. Think I have confirmed 3 more shoots though, and one this week in which I will be taking some of my favourite AbleGrable stuff and prancing around a studio!

You should check out the newest addition to the AbleGrable collection the Boudoir Kitten! I am absolutely in love!

I am still wanting to do a shoot in a paddling pool full of jelly. I have sold loads of my bra/boobie items that are too big and I quite fancy a cossie from ForLuna, can't decide which of these three are most 'DeeLaBeau'. Currently leaning towards the Blue Cherry one!

A Girl Can Depend on...

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her Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Dress! I have worn my Red and Black a gazillion times and for shoots and it's still as awesome as it was the day I received it from Joanna's Wardrobe. It gives great support and I also quite like that the 32 DD fits me. Also it holds you in without giving you any unpleasant lines.

I wore it once for an Hourglass Shoot in March and at the weekend on my shoot with Grahame Jenkins

I also have it in the Peach which absolutely stunning! I am wearing it for a Film Noir style shoot next month. I bought my Peach one from La Magia, fab place to by all manner of sexiness. I am no Morgana but this makes me feel at least 35% as sexy as she is! :)

My gorgeous friend Ellen also has the Vargas in White. I can vouch for it being as awesome. Speaking of which I have noticed that someone has been searching my blog for info on Ellen, she will be opening up her own FB page for your stalking pleasure. You can also find her her on Twitter.

Something a little sinister....

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So I did a shoot on Saturday with a lovely bloke called Grahame Jenkins the plan was to get all foxed up in my burlesque gear and then make myself look messy. I didn't really work out the way I had planned, I was so tired and sore from my shoot the night before I really didn't feel able to get myself prettied as as much as I could have liked.

I have only seen 5 of the pics so far but I am quite chuffed with how they've turned out.

I did my first art nude shoot on Friday night, I have seen some of the images but I don't think they do me any favours I most certainly look better with clothes on.

Yesterday my boyfriend Nick, best friend Ellen and I scuttled off to Craster to Dunstanburgh Castle for a shoot for Nick's Billboard Project.