A Girl Can Depend on...

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her Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Dress! I have worn my Red and Black a gazillion times and for shoots and it's still as awesome as it was the day I received it from Joanna's Wardrobe. It gives great support and I also quite like that the 32 DD fits me. Also it holds you in without giving you any unpleasant lines.

I wore it once for an Hourglass Shoot in March and at the weekend on my shoot with Grahame Jenkins

I also have it in the Peach which absolutely stunning! I am wearing it for a Film Noir style shoot next month. I bought my Peach one from La Magia, fab place to by all manner of sexiness. I am no Morgana but this makes me feel at least 35% as sexy as she is! :)

My gorgeous friend Ellen also has the Vargas in White. I can vouch for it being as awesome. Speaking of which I have noticed that someone has been searching my blog for info on Ellen, she will be opening up her own FB page for your stalking pleasure. You can also find her her on Twitter.