Shoots of February 2014

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February actually feels like a million moons ago, a bus crashed into me at the end of January and I feel like my whole life has gone topsy turvy!

On the last day of January I did a shoot with the lovely Pete Copeland, I haven't shot with him for a couple of years. Last time our shoot was extremely stressful, it took months to arrange, this time again arranging the shoot was a nightmare and I think it reflected how I modelled. Still there were some nice ones and the shoot was worthwhile. He's a super nice chap, I just don't think we've got our best work yet!

I got to do a lovely shoot with two dynamite gals Janine Hocking and Metamorphic Unique Art. It was elements project and I got to be 'Earth' and our shoot was first. I was absolutely caked in all sorts and I got to be a very special kind of 'Ugly Pretty'! I think it's probably one of my favourite shoots to date, even though it took three showers to come off. Out of the four elements too, I kinda like mine the best, which makes me sound like a bit of a douche, but normally I am always looking for ways to favour other people over myself. I like the make up, and it was just one of those shoot where absolutely everyone fell into place just right.

I also had the luck of working with a photographer from London. I really like working with people outside of the area, that's one of the reasons I've missed having the car so much, I had shoots planned south way and I've had to cancel some of them. This photographer was called Carl Glancey, he specialises in weddings but likes to try out lighting techniques with model/fashion shots. We shot in Sunderland and it was a super windy day, I was getting blown about all over the place. Even getting changed was a struggle because the wind was battering me all over. I really love the images though, they are different and I really hope he shoots with me again when he is next up.

I also did a Hide Your Arms review for local T-shirt company 'Wear Brave'! Me and Nick went to our favourite alleyway in town to showcase them. Me and Nick don't shoot together very well anymore, we tend to argue and there's no sexual tension anymore because we have been together so long. It either goes super well and we get lots of good images or we argue and fight and the pics are terrible! I'm not really sure about the ones from this shoot!

I really want to do some more sexy black and white lingerie type stuff! Hopefully in April! :)

Didn't really get to shoot very much in February (or this month) due to lack of car! Hopefully next month will be better, although it is the Easter holidays so I will be being Mummy! :) Which I'm pretty excited about since I have started working all weekend every weekend.