Hate of the Date

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Bloody hate the 30th of September! It and New Years Day are my least favourite days of the year, reminders of one of the most horrid and traumatic times in my life. Sure you're probably thinking "Yeah did you break a nail or somefink" no it wasn't like that I am not going to lay all my cards on the table but just take my word for it when I say it was crap. It is worse this year too. One good thing being celebrated today is the anniversary of my ickle cousin Jenny and her boyfriend LeeLee I think only half of that is his real name.

I recently did a nude shoot outdoors and if I am honest I wasn't too keen on the images, I don't like I look comfortable, I dislike my naked body and it just didn't do it for me personally. This was the best shot of the lot, I actually look confident I would be inclined to go so far as to say sexy.

I am also waiting on some images from other shoots, I did do a shoot with Russ and Paul again yesterday, took my friend Nick Muprhy along with me, we had laughs! :)

Off to have some alone time and wallow in some self pity, get a bit on the emo side and hopefully wake up tomorrow fresh as daisy ready for a fresh start in a fresh month. I have too much to be happy about and too much to look forward to, I can let a bunch of memories drag me down!

The Tale of the Photographer and the Model

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.......a 21st Century love story brought to you by Myspace and Facebook....

A couple of weekends ago me and my loverman, Nicholas Gray attended SuperGay 2010, I had an amazing time, firstly it was kinda nice to watch Nick shooting an event the only other time I have done it was at a burlesque evening and I was the ragged side of tipsy. Supergay was an great experience of colour, soooo bad it was good music and it just had a really fab atmosphere. I really hope I am able to attend next year, you can check out Nick's images of this event on his Flickr. Oooh in fact while you are there have a goosey at his Tattoo Jam pics and see if you can spot divine model Loula Cherry!

Here is a picture Nick took of me on the roof terrace of mima, I look very me, I look like a Dani. Just on Sunday he gave me an improv speech about how special it is that we have that. I can remember it in my head but can't quite type it to make an impact.

Thanks to Nick I also appeared on a billboard in Essen, Germany, as did my awesome friend Nick Murphy who we now called Alpha on the grounds that so many Nicks in my life is beginning to make things a touch confusing.

I got to spend the weekend with Nick it was kinda lovely and I think I almost got the long distance thing down, not saying I don't pray to Tim Roth every night that Nick can move back up to the North East and we can give things a proper shot but for the moment I can deal with the give and take for the sake of the most amazing modern love story I have ever heard and I am honoured to be a part of. Forgive the gooeyness!

Daisy Stays Group Shoot - Corsets and Craziness!

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If you have a minute you should check out the Gallery of all the images from the Daisy Stays group shoot which took place in County Durham mid August shot by Richard Shepherd. It had been planned months in advance and there had been a lot of expectation on the day. I had to get up really early to get the metro from Sunderland up to Sharon's place to get all dolled up!

I got to rock two items of delight! One black and white underbust corset and an Oriental styley one which I am in love with and very keen to use for another shoot. I am currently customizing my black corset for my burlesque debut in Sunderland on the 15th of October, shall bore you with the details in a later blog! :)

There was some also quality candid shots taken on the day! Gonna show some love for my homegirl Ellen, one where I am doing some amateur MUAing on her purdy face and another when it looks kinda like I am bumming her! Couldn't have got through 2010 without her, she had administered both hugs and slaps when I have needed them.

I have that vintage shoot tomorrow going to have a practice with my hair today and then I get to visit the the love of my life on Friday, everything is tickety boo.

Playing Catch Up.

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Ok! I am three shoots behind on my blog and I am getting all confuzzled! Will probably blog and bore you on the next couple of days too.

Anyway! Still while I was at Nick's for two weeks in the beginning of August, on the same day as I did the shoot in Steel Wheels with Richard Hanley, I headed to Studio 5000 to do a shoot with a photographer called Rob Mackins. He was an amazingly funny guy, I was dancing, laughing and joking and it was a mega comfortable shoot. I wore about a zillion outfits.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot.

I am currently customising my Daisy Stays black corset for my burlesqueness. The Daisy Stays shoot is another one I need to blog about, need to steal some pictures from her site :) My 'Poison' costume consists of sparklness, latex, amazing pasties from this fantastic US based etsy shop. Hoping I can get it all together and get my loverman to take a picture at the weekend, he currently poorly and I wish I was able to nurse him better.

Two shoots lined up this week, one with the kids, will be nice to have some family pics with us three together as I am normally the one taking the pics with me being a 'single' mum. The other is a vintagey shoot I have borrowed some amazing stuff from a vintage shop in Newcastle, the lady Gena is absolutely lovely. Able Grable might sneak in on Thursdays shoot too!

Call me Dollface!

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Last month I had a shoot with well known photographer and image manipulator Gary Crozier. I don't really have much to say about the images, I wasn't really as bowled over as I expected to be. but they are lovely and I certainly don't regret having it done. Quite looking forward to having a print to put on my bedroom wall next to all my pictures of Nicholas Gray and Tim Roth! :)

I recently done another nude shoot, but I am not sharing the images, my boyfriend wasn't adverse to them and that is all that matters. Actually if I am honest, I don't think I look that bad either, I am a standard nude woman, nothing spectacular nothing hideous, I am just me, and I am now cool(ish) with that.

Shoots lined up include boyfriend/girlfriend True Blood esque themed, fairytale wood theme, Cancer Charity calendar, and fetish and bondage shoot.

I attended SuperGay 2010 with my Nick yesterday but I shall blog that at a later date so I can pimp out his images.

Ray of Sunshine

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Had a shoot a few weeks ago with a lovely gentleman called Les Higgins, he was very down to earth and I really enjoyed the shoot. It had actually meant to have been with another photographer, one which was very short to the point of virtually being rude in emails so I was glad he hadn't turned up in the end. I actually met the guy a couple of days later and he wasn't all that and sure his work is perfectly lovely but I don't need to work with someone with that attitude.

This was during the two weeks I was at my boyfriend's place, when the kids were with their Daddy and I felt the need to cram in as many shoots as possible.
Anyway the shoot was at Studio 5000, I have some more pics from another shoot there too which I will blog in a bit.

I wore my adorable (new favourite frock!) Able Grable Ready Hedy or as my boyfriend affectionately calls it 'The Cheese Dress'. I love it, I put it on and it makes me feel instantly happy, it's summer in a frock. I did a sort of strip tease thing and I quite like the way the images turned out. My underwear was the stunning yet supportive Josephine Corselette by What Katie Did. I have wore it for a few shoots now so I feel I should pimp it out a bit. Really loving the new Swiss Dot range for A/w10 too!

Funny story actually, probably works better when I do the seedy voice. I was going back to Nick's after doing the shoot and a geezer started talking to me.

"You're a sight for sore eyes, where you off to?"
"My boyfriend's"
"He's a lucky man"
"He probably won't even notice he'll be playing on his Xbox"
"Wish you were my girlfriend"
"See ya!"

Sad Eyes

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Few shoots behind in my blog so I will try and crank them out in the next few days. I had a shoot on 25th of August with a guy called Dave, he doesn't have a website and I didn't ask him for his surname but trust me his name was Dave.

For this shoot I filled my bag with vintage dresses (mostly my Able Grable gear) and headed to Tanfield Railway, Causey Arch, County Durham. This shoot was done about 3 days after my boyfriend had made his decision to leave me up here in the North East and it would be fair to say I was miserable and devastated and it showed in every single picture I received from this shoot, I really hope it wasn't a waste of time for the photographer.

Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot, away from the railway itself there were some totally amazing old, disused, rusty engines! I would love to do another shoot down in that part. I wanted to do some uber pin up implied topless shots but I wasn't in the right frame of mind and also my hair had fallen over by this point.

I love this shot, and I love my Wicked Lady! And the red was just shimmering in the sunlight. (Would love this frock in Olive or Gold!)

This is a shot of new favourite cord and tweed lingerie set from amazing Lilly Wiggler Couture, always a pleasure dealing with this lady! She is an absolute star :)

Finding long distance thing unbelievably difficult, it's just constant paranoia and worry. I only take comfort in sniffing something that's his and even then sometimes it makes me worse. I love him very much and know we can make it work, I will struggle to find another Nicholas Gray, someone who makes me laugh all the time and loves me for the fact I am insane, not despite it so I guess I will just have to deal with the current situation until we buy our castle...ooh actually spaceship and shed for my Iguana and this shitey few months is just a distant memory.