Playing Catch Up.

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Ok! I am three shoots behind on my blog and I am getting all confuzzled! Will probably blog and bore you on the next couple of days too.

Anyway! Still while I was at Nick's for two weeks in the beginning of August, on the same day as I did the shoot in Steel Wheels with Richard Hanley, I headed to Studio 5000 to do a shoot with a photographer called Rob Mackins. He was an amazingly funny guy, I was dancing, laughing and joking and it was a mega comfortable shoot. I wore about a zillion outfits.

Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot.

I am currently customising my Daisy Stays black corset for my burlesqueness. The Daisy Stays shoot is another one I need to blog about, need to steal some pictures from her site :) My 'Poison' costume consists of sparklness, latex, amazing pasties from this fantastic US based etsy shop. Hoping I can get it all together and get my loverman to take a picture at the weekend, he currently poorly and I wish I was able to nurse him better.

Two shoots lined up this week, one with the kids, will be nice to have some family pics with us three together as I am normally the one taking the pics with me being a 'single' mum. The other is a vintagey shoot I have borrowed some amazing stuff from a vintage shop in Newcastle, the lady Gena is absolutely lovely. Able Grable might sneak in on Thursdays shoot too!