Daisy Stays Group Shoot - Corsets and Craziness!

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If you have a minute you should check out the Gallery of all the images from the Daisy Stays group shoot which took place in County Durham mid August shot by Richard Shepherd. It had been planned months in advance and there had been a lot of expectation on the day. I had to get up really early to get the metro from Sunderland up to Sharon's place to get all dolled up!

I got to rock two items of delight! One black and white underbust corset and an Oriental styley one which I am in love with and very keen to use for another shoot. I am currently customizing my black corset for my burlesque debut in Sunderland on the 15th of October, shall bore you with the details in a later blog! :)

There was some also quality candid shots taken on the day! Gonna show some love for my homegirl Ellen, one where I am doing some amateur MUAing on her purdy face and another when it looks kinda like I am bumming her! Couldn't have got through 2010 without her, she had administered both hugs and slaps when I have needed them.

I have that vintage shoot tomorrow going to have a practice with my hair today and then I get to visit the the love of my life on Friday, everything is tickety boo.