Sad Eyes

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Few shoots behind in my blog so I will try and crank them out in the next few days. I had a shoot on 25th of August with a guy called Dave, he doesn't have a website and I didn't ask him for his surname but trust me his name was Dave.

For this shoot I filled my bag with vintage dresses (mostly my Able Grable gear) and headed to Tanfield Railway, Causey Arch, County Durham. This shoot was done about 3 days after my boyfriend had made his decision to leave me up here in the North East and it would be fair to say I was miserable and devastated and it showed in every single picture I received from this shoot, I really hope it wasn't a waste of time for the photographer.

Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot, away from the railway itself there were some totally amazing old, disused, rusty engines! I would love to do another shoot down in that part. I wanted to do some uber pin up implied topless shots but I wasn't in the right frame of mind and also my hair had fallen over by this point.

I love this shot, and I love my Wicked Lady! And the red was just shimmering in the sunlight. (Would love this frock in Olive or Gold!)

This is a shot of new favourite cord and tweed lingerie set from amazing Lilly Wiggler Couture, always a pleasure dealing with this lady! She is an absolute star :)

Finding long distance thing unbelievably difficult, it's just constant paranoia and worry. I only take comfort in sniffing something that's his and even then sometimes it makes me worse. I love him very much and know we can make it work, I will struggle to find another Nicholas Gray, someone who makes me laugh all the time and loves me for the fact I am insane, not despite it so I guess I will just have to deal with the current situation until we buy our castle...ooh actually spaceship and shed for my Iguana and this shitey few months is just a distant memory.