Call me Dollface!

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Last month I had a shoot with well known photographer and image manipulator Gary Crozier. I don't really have much to say about the images, I wasn't really as bowled over as I expected to be. but they are lovely and I certainly don't regret having it done. Quite looking forward to having a print to put on my bedroom wall next to all my pictures of Nicholas Gray and Tim Roth! :)

I recently done another nude shoot, but I am not sharing the images, my boyfriend wasn't adverse to them and that is all that matters. Actually if I am honest, I don't think I look that bad either, I am a standard nude woman, nothing spectacular nothing hideous, I am just me, and I am now cool(ish) with that.

Shoots lined up include boyfriend/girlfriend True Blood esque themed, fairytale wood theme, Cancer Charity calendar, and fetish and bondage shoot.

I attended SuperGay 2010 with my Nick yesterday but I shall blog that at a later date so I can pimp out his images.