The Tale of the Photographer and the Model

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.......a 21st Century love story brought to you by Myspace and Facebook....

A couple of weekends ago me and my loverman, Nicholas Gray attended SuperGay 2010, I had an amazing time, firstly it was kinda nice to watch Nick shooting an event the only other time I have done it was at a burlesque evening and I was the ragged side of tipsy. Supergay was an great experience of colour, soooo bad it was good music and it just had a really fab atmosphere. I really hope I am able to attend next year, you can check out Nick's images of this event on his Flickr. Oooh in fact while you are there have a goosey at his Tattoo Jam pics and see if you can spot divine model Loula Cherry!

Here is a picture Nick took of me on the roof terrace of mima, I look very me, I look like a Dani. Just on Sunday he gave me an improv speech about how special it is that we have that. I can remember it in my head but can't quite type it to make an impact.

Thanks to Nick I also appeared on a billboard in Essen, Germany, as did my awesome friend Nick Murphy who we now called Alpha on the grounds that so many Nicks in my life is beginning to make things a touch confusing.

I got to spend the weekend with Nick it was kinda lovely and I think I almost got the long distance thing down, not saying I don't pray to Tim Roth every night that Nick can move back up to the North East and we can give things a proper shot but for the moment I can deal with the give and take for the sake of the most amazing modern love story I have ever heard and I am honoured to be a part of. Forgive the gooeyness!