Catalyst Latex - Take II

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So I got to model for Catalyst Latex again, amazing company with the highest quality latex I have ever worn. It is an honour and pleasure to model for this company and along side the high calibre of models they choose.

This time for our studio shoot we went to a small studio in Doncaster, it was really really cheap so I guess you get what you pay for. There wasn't really a place to get changed so I spent most of my time writhing around on the stairs, which was also next to a window so it was less than ideal.

I really struggled to find an MUA for this shoot and I ended up emailing tonnes finally a lovely lovely girl called Hayleigh Kingston got back to me and she was just amazing on the day, very professional and talented and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an MUA.

The photographer was my boyfriend Nicholas Gray and I was also accompanied by male model Morphine, who is 6ft 4inches of super hunky man stuff and also a close friend of my Nick. Many laughs and all sorts of ridiculousness occurred when we were shooting together.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day

We also did a short video of how the shoot worked out. It was odd seeing how I actually pose and it's almost like I could see what I was thinking at the time. Feel free to go and have a nosey at the video of this shoot on YouTube :

My Shoots as a Blondie

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I have been so out of touch with my blog lately, I started doing a T-shirt blog and of course had the kids driving me insane for six weeks of Summer. I am back to brunette now but I did enjoy some time as a blonde and here are some images taken of me whilst I was blonde!

I did two shoots with Jonathan Keys in my time as a blonde, the second shot on 5x4 which MUA assistance of Josephine Birkett

I did a very enjoyable latex shoot with Richard Shephard in a derelict mill place which was superfun and the images really had more of an edge because I was a dirty scruffy looking blonde.
All the latex including my slutty Portal Act jumpsuit is by Catalyst Latex.

I did a few shoots with my boyfriend Nicholas Gray, I already blogged some images from the retro style shoot, here was another one take on that day to show of my NG tattoo, and another image of me wearing a supercute Able Grable sample frock.

I also worked with a new photographer called Darren O'Brien, it was an odd shoot, I didn't feel comfortable nor welcome, I'd been told originally it was going to be a studio shoot, it wasn't, I got flashed on the way there and I felt like he just wanted rid of me in all honest. Taking all that negative stuff into account I did actually like the images.

That's it for my blonde shoots, I actually did more than I thought I did, I actually like how they look but the roots would just drive me utterly crazy.