7 Years of Marriage!

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Me and my hubby celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything, we have just been together and had kids too long for that. I am pretty sure not many people thought we would stay together as long when we got married 5 months after I turned 16. It probably looked a bit suss that we got engaged a year after I overdosed. People probably just thought I was filling a hole in my life or something. Which might have been the case slightly but there is obviously more to it, me and Ian have had a very uppy and downy relationship, there has been times when it would have been easier to walk away.

I totally understand why there are so many divorces, peoples attitudes to most things in modern society is if things get hard just to give up because they 'can't be bothered, I don't care that I'm unemployed I'll just buy this £3,000 TV from Bright House at an interest rate of a gazillion % and deal with the consquences later'. People don't respect money anymore, and also I don't think love, relationships and definately marriage holds much value anymore.

On a completely different note the kids have started watching crazy crazy TV. Yo Gabba Gabba is totally insane but I love watching it. :)

Haven't got any pics to share with you yet, sure it won't be long.

Like Buses...

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I haven't had a photo shoot since January and all of a sudden two in one week, I am not really in a blogging mood but I just thought I'd share a pic with you!
It was taken by Christine Patterson, check out her website & flickr



also become a fan on facebook!


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Just thought I'd do a quite blogette haven't done one in a while, the children have been terribly ill for the last week, been conjuctivitis, ear infection and a flu type but luckily not swine flu. I have been lucky not to catch any of them but I have to admit I am pretty tired from looking after them and it does emotionally drain you.

My Nana is feeling particularly down too, the chemo has taken a lot out of her but she is also feeling lonely because none of us have been able to visit because we have all been so ill but also she has been too shakey and ill to get out herself. That was the last chemo she can have for the foreseeable furture she is now on a trial drug but it may just be a placebo. She just feels really scared and vulnerable.

On a more happy note, my and my hubby were featured here!
So funny! The top he is wearing he bought for me to turn into a crazy zombie DIY dress but haven't got round to it yet.

We got our new sofa! It's cute and comfy we are still waiting for the chair though, there is still a bit of a seating shortage when we have people round.

Getting my Tim Roth tattoo, I have decided, got a gorgeous lovely man called Matt Gould to draw it up for me, it isn't exactly the same as Tim's but very similar but I kinda prefer it and I am getting it on both shoulders. I am going to do a shoot hopefully with some friend peeps (wink wink hint hint) doing at his funky poses, although it occured to me I don't actually know how to hold a fag (or cigarette).

Enough of this boredom stimulator! One random pic from a random SD card.