Popping Genuis!

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So Sam Corban was all 'There is studio slots free on Thursday' and I was like 'I'm free' and then Josephine Birkett was like 'I'm free also' and that is how this all began. I'd say this is probably by far my most favourite shoot of 2012 so far and may continue to be for a long while.

So after we established we were all free we passed some ideas around and because I am a massive fan of Pop Art, especially that of Roy Lichtenstein I suggested we plotted a shoot around that idea. My friend, Shepy, had also sent me an image feature mega garish make up a few weeks previously saying it reminded him of me and it stuck in my head.

Josephine practised on her sister a couple of times and the results on her pictures looked pretty cool but it didn't prepare me for how well it all worked at the shoot. It was one of those shoots that involved about 2 hours of make up and approximately 25 mins of shoot all in all but it just totally worked and the images are....I would go as far as to say powerful and a really excellent addition to my portfolio. I hope the other members of the gang feel the same.

I didn't really know what to wear for the shoot, I had decided however my normal black hair wasn't going to cut the mustard so I just took along my turquoise cosplay wig and it didn't look as ridiculous was I had first anticipated! Such an amazing shoot and I can't wait to work with both these amazing peeps again. It's just occurred to me how many of my favourite images in my port are actually taken by Sam now.