Something About Us

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Just before Valentine's day I had a shoot with my fella, Nicholas Gray, it was just a quick two hour shoot at Studio 5000, I took far too much stuff as usual but we managed to get some good shots. I wore my hair straight because that's how he prefers me. I didn't really set out to get anything specific when I was there, just really wanted to use the bathroom set they have down there. I love how mucky and grungy it is.

Last time Nick was up we had a fab time, its generally most comfortable when we are at mine because we have a whole flats worth of space and we can make as much (ah-hem) noise as we like and have our own lounge space even though its not particularly comfortable. Also went to town before the shoot grabbed a burger and mooched to the Side Gallery and Baltic, stuff we generally do each time he is up.

Been cracking through long distance for almost 6 months now, complete hell, totally understand why they rarely work out. If I wasn't so stubborn and doubtful I could feel this way about anyone else, or find someone who just fits the way he does I would quit. I just have this feeling in my heart and guts that it is going to work out and I have to turn my patience up a notch and think positively. I really want to get his NG watermark tattooed on my wrist but he is making me wait until a more sensible juncture in our relationship, spoilsport.

Here are a couple of my favourite images from our shoot. We also did some implied nude but in my favourite shot you can see my cha-cha. Whoops.

Me and Mr Beau are very cute together, so much so in fact that I am gonna post a pic of us looking cute together! :)

Studio Wars

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I am sooo far behind in my blog it's not funny! I think I have 3 shoots/events I need to blog. This time I will be having a ramble about a group shoot I attended last month. Went to BananaStudio with friends mostly and done 4 hours worth of shooting and having a laugh. I quite like arranging the group shoots but I feel responsible on the day and tend to always end up out of pocket, and now when one of the togs hasn't given any images to the girls I feel somehow responsible.

This shoot was attended by 4 models and 3 photographers, a ratio which worked quite well. There was always one model getting ready.

I used to love Bananastudio, me and my Nicholas did a shoot there last year where I was modeling Able Grable blouses and frilly knickers and the shots were awesome. They used to have sets there and variety and I have to say the plain backgrounds they have there now are pretty dull in comparison. Another studio, Mayfield Studio, has opened above World Headquarters in town and it's the same drab Grey, White, Black and they have thrown in a Khaki, whoop de doo. Does mean I now have to travel to Studio 5000 to get a bit of variety and it's quite a long metro journey away.

Here are 3 images from the day, one each from Richard Shepherd, Deborah Sanders and Matt Wagster.

On a completely different note, I am in the early stages of sorting out a charity event for the back end of the year and I am really amazed by the performers and businesses offering support so far, also my boyfriend is being a star and helping me out with ideas etc. Should be an amazing night and hopefully we can raise money for a very very worthy cause! Playing my cards very close to my chest in case it goes tits up!


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I make no secret of the fact I am a geek, was a great way of pulling intellectual smelly guys in High School and that is pretty much what I go for. I also believe geeks are generally nice people, in the same way 'Grrr men' unite via football, geeks have converse about comics, computer games and movies. So I was totally delighted when my wonderful boyfriend asked me to pose as a Superhero last year for his 'This Summer' set. This was the image of me which was shown on German billboards. I am gutted that this costume is way too big on me now.

My boyfriend Nicholas Gray, has started editing images such as these in the comic styley. although I am quite obviously biased, I think they are absolutely awesome.

Here is me as Senorita Cleavage

'Morphine' aka model and all round studmuffin Jason McCullagh

Lastly and my favourite stunning Ashleigh as 'Heartbreaker'

To see full size versions of these images, swing by Nicholas' flickr. If you want an image of yourself comicked up drop him an email at for a quote.

On a completely separate note of comicness. I discovered these on Etsy, fabulous designer called Janine Basil does some amazing comic themed headpieces! If Senorita Cleavage's uniform fitted her anymore she would be all over these! FYI my birthday is on the 16th of March.