Shoots of January 2014! So far so good....

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Well January was a pretty horrid month. I lost my car and my children have been poorly because of how damp our house is so I am feeling guilt to the 1000th percent. Luckily the car accident wasn't my fault and it should be sorted I'm just waiting. 

My first shoot in January, I included in my last blog. It was with my lovely friend Meg at Spellbound Imagery, unfortunately I haven't got to see Meg since this shoot and I had started going to visit her every week for a chat on a relax on her massive couch with her massive doggies! This shoot was so cold, the wind and hail battered against my face and my boobs. The shot was great though and also gave me a chance to use my Christmas Day dress.

My next shoot of 2014 was with the epically talented and beardy BURNOUTBRIGHT, he was so much fun, I love his unique and dark style and I'm going to be shooting with him indoors for the first time next week (maybes). I think these images looks almost cinematic and considering were were only shooting for an hour, and I got changed in and out of 4 outfits I'd say this was an awesome success!

I had my first shoot with Anthony Simpson and the lovely April Miele did my make up and I shot in one of Chris Niari's dresses. I was something completely different and I rarely get the chance of having someone skilful getting their hands on my hair. We shot in an old quarry type place in the centre of town. It was a chance to do something where I looked powerful and almost regal which was a nice change for me.

It was my husband and I's first Wedding Anniversary in January. At the risk of sounding soppy I never in my wildest dreams imagined I couldn't find someone as utterly perfect, beautiful and soulmate flavoured as my gorgeous Nicholas. I hate being apart from him, if he comes to meet me from work I have to run towards him and hold him and smell him. It's such an amazing experience to find someone that you can gel so well with, I'm so lucky! However we got our good friend Jonathan Keys to do some portraits of us on film, I really want to get all the square ones printed and put into a frame, they are capturing lots of little smooches and us just surrounded by the city.

Next shoot is with a team I have been dying to work with again for ages, our last shoot was a Pop Art shoot which was a massive success. Josephine Birkett did such an amazing job of my gold and black make up and Sam Corban did an class job of capturing my face and how amazing Jo had made my skin look. I love catching up with them both though although I don't think I was on top form mostly because of my car nonsense. I always look forward to seeing their new work though, they are both super talented! I think this might be one of my favourite images of me ever. 

I got to work with a brand new female photographer! Brand new to me anyway, we did a quick shoot on a super cold morning in town. I got to wear my little minty frock that I got for my Christmas party and I was concerned that I looked stupid. The lovely lady photographer was Tena Gibson, and I got some super fresh and natural portraits and I'm excited about the prospect of shooting with her again.

I did do one more shoot in January but I didn't get the images until February so I'm going to whack them in my next blog! I have an insane amount of cosplay shoots to do, I really need to get on it! :) lots planned I think 2014 is going to be a creative and colourful year!