And the Ninja ran away with his PA

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The title of my blog is a bit on an in joke between me and my boyfriend which is fine because this blog is all about him...well us.

So he is a photographer type which kinda results in us very rarely having any pictures of us together. I think before I put the images on Facebook yesterday there were only 25 pictures of us together, which is pretty sad considering we have been together for almost 8 months.

We did a shoot last week together at Bolbec Hall with John, the same fella who did my yellow dress, corset, window shots. I feel very comfortable in that studio it doesn't have the weird sort of clinical you're being watched vibe I get at other ones. Just thought I would share with you my favourite and Nick's favourite. I think they document our love quite well, we are atypical, kooky and non standard it's one of the things I love the most about us.

I got to be with Nick from Thursday until Sunday, it was just nice, we had a really good time, zero arguments, when we are together it's like we are normal couple, like we don't live apart, like we don't have a relationship that is kept alive by SMS. It's not awkward it's just comfortable, perfect even.

I don't know if I should say the 'S' word. Ok we have snow, lots and lots of snow. Mental great piles of snow I can't wait for it to go away. Nick did take some pics of me in the snow though and they were pretty nifty. These were taken before and after I managed to behave like a child and bruise my skin quite badly. You can now befriend my boyfriend on Facebook - you want a wedding, kids, yourself, event photographed easiest way to contact him now is probably here or via email at - yes I am dressed as a secretary right now :)

A Hall With A View

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So last week I had a shoot with a fella called John who has a studio space in Bolbec Hall in Newcastle City Centre. I took way too much stuff and only ended up doing three outfits but I had a fab time at the shoot and got some images that weren't pin up nor particularly fashiony, a bit more arty and surreal that I am usually used to. I love them though, probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I have done in a long time. I was there yesterday with my boyfriend yesterday having some images of us taken together. I will probably be blogging them next week!

I wore my delicious Able Grable Ready Hedy (again!) bloody love this frock to bit, probably my favourite item in my wardrobe. I also wore a vintage wedding frock I got from a vintage fair about 2 months ago and my Maya Hansen corset with half a cheesy 80's wedding dress which I mixed with some lace from a damaged wedding dress to make a purple skirt.

I was supposed to perform tonight but I can't because the weather has prevented travel which has prevented childcare. Gutted as I was so very excited about my act for this evening. I am very much enjoying a weekend with my boyfriend Nick, I still find it really hard when him and the kids share the same space, I'd imagine he probably does too. I genuinely hope this is something I only have to do once. Hoping the weather is cleared for my next burly performance which is the 11th of December - Candlelit Cabaret in Darlington and also my driving test on the 15th of December.

And Still My Heart Has Wings...

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Newcastle is a pretty good place to live all in all, it's a city but not a massive one but between Newcastle and Gateshead you will be able to pretty much get your hands on pretty much anything apart from....

a good selection of high quality vintage clothing! Personally buying online just isn't the same, yeah sure you get pictures and accurate measurements but it's not the same as being able to feel the fabric, do a little twirl, take in that vintage smell (which I love and know some people hate) but I think that's what it should be, an experience not just a purchase.

I recently had loads of shoots lined up and I was struggling to find stuff to wear, I am a solo mum I have few pennies so I went on a hunt to find a local vintage emporium my friend Chris (or on Twitter @onion2k) informed me of a placed in Heaton.

This shop called, These Foolish Things, has an amazing selection of clothing, jewellery and homeware. I got some lovely stuff to model and the lady in charge Gena is an absolute delight to have a chat too! Please drop the shop a 'Like' on Facebook and check out the website.

Just thought I would share some images with you.
(Taken by Debbie Sanders, David Evans & Floebob)


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Last night was the debut of my Tequila act at The Shadow Gallery, Sunderland, I was pretty nervous about it but it all came good in the end. The idea behind my act was a Mexican housewife who gradually gets a bit tipsy on tequila. I wore my Viv of Holloway frock and a stunning apron made by my friend Cat who has just opened her etsy shop.

I did my act to the song Tequila by Terrorvision and my lingerie was from my personal favourite Lilly Wiggler, you must check this website out absolutely idea for original costumes. I got an amazing tweed and cord set from there. Also had another pair of latex hot pants and my self customised Daisy Stays corset. My hair flower was from the lovely Miss Sweets Boutique highly recommend visiting Miss Sweet if you are after custom too she is a diamond!

I foolishly thought I would not get drunk drinking 4 tequila shots in 3 minutes I was kinda wrong, however after some cokes, a lift and some fresh air I was right as rain and no hangover this morning.

Here is my favourite photo of act taken by the lovely Nicholas Smith

My next performance will be on the 27th of November 2010 at La Maison de Peche, Peoples Theatre Arts Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Another brand new act which its a lot more slower paced and I am quite nervous about!

Currently planning my Christmas act, I am going to also sing. I'm scared :) Hopefully having shoots toward the end of the week with my Bo and I also have another shoot to blog. Seem to be a very busy bunny lately.

I shall be at Erotica tomorrow so if any of your lot are there please say 'Hello'!

My Quirky Little Flat

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I have a weird love/hate relationship with my home, it's the right sort of size for me and the kiddywinks. Nice high ceilings, inoffensive carpet, (half) double glazed, recently installed kitchen and bathroom. Like me it is far from perfect, the floor bounces, it doesn't retain heat it's on a main road and my bedroom is teeny tiny. The floor is so bouncy that I can't have the washing machine on when I have dishes on the draining board. It does sort of feel like home, I have never felt at home anywhere, never really felt settled, which is why every six months I get this toe curling desire to leave or move start again. For the moment it's home, the kids like it and it's close to their school.

Anyway I did a shoot in my place and it came out a bit like this..

Also saw my boyfriend for a few days was all very pleasant, meant to do a shoot together but got cancelled due to weather, we don't get many pictures of us together which is darn shame because we so rarely get to see each other putting pictures up all over my dumbass flat is the main way I can keep focused on what is worthwhile in the relationship when I find it pretty difficult a lot of the time. Nick took some class photos of squiggles (aka squirrels) and also this funky image of me walking through a tunnel.

I also adore this abstracty piece by my babe called Alpha's Light, I won't explain the reason behind the title it's probably better to remain a mystery, definitely one of my favourite images by Nick. It makes me smile and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. You should also swing by his blog and follow his ramblings too.

Gal Pal, Gown and Goosepimply Boobies!

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Last weekend I had a super fun shoot with friend, stunner and talented photographer Debbie Sanders. It was so lovely to shoot with her again because my first shoot EVER was with her, and the images taken by her won me 21st Century Pin Ups comp and got me involved with the people who introduced me to Burlesque.

We skulked around Newcastle city centre took some pictures around Castle Keep, around the bridges and the wooded area down by the Quayside. I didn't really have an idea f
or the images I wanted from this shoot me and Debs just had a bit of a chat on and walk around while shooting, it was lovely and very relaxed. Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot featuring pasties from Pearls and Swine

Debbie is also designing tickets/brochures etc for
Gully Sutherland's Emporium of Extraordinary Entertainment a show which I am headlining between Christmas and New Year and Debuting my winter act.

Not forgetting my next performance at The Shadow Gallery, my act will be a bit comedic, bit silly and have a Mexican theme. I actually can't wait the costume is being a bit of a bugger but should look faberoo.

Also doing a shoot this morning and one on Thursday with my boyfriend which should be probably a bit cheey and/or stupid.

Hollow Like an Easter Egg

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Bit of a filler blog I am afraid not much to report and I am feeling utterly miserable and don't want to bore you. I spanked the place at Dixie's Dollhouse Halloween Special, it was a laugh had to leave straight after my act to get back to my gorgeous babies. Met some new people, some nice someI couldn't work out, sometimes you get a vibe I guess. I also forgot to remove my glasses for the act. Whoops!

Kids half term last week so I was just chilling with them, starting putting beading on a bra for my act at The Shadow Gallery presents "DAY OF THE DEAD BURLESQUE" I have estimated it was going to take me about 8 hours but realistically it's going to be 20 odd hours and I am not entirely sure if it's going to be worth the effort. I do find sewing quite relaxing though.

If I was able to I think I would be able to do burlesque most weekends but I don't want to leave my children too much, they are my universe and I am scared I miss anything.

Done some DIY at the weekend, I am not actually too bad at it to be honest, built up my bed moved some stuff around but I think it has angered my womb!

Did a shoot with Deborah Sanders yesterday around Newcastle city centre. Will be sharing those images ASAP.