Hollow Like an Easter Egg

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Bit of a filler blog I am afraid not much to report and I am feeling utterly miserable and don't want to bore you. I spanked the place at Dixie's Dollhouse Halloween Special, it was a laugh had to leave straight after my act to get back to my gorgeous babies. Met some new people, some nice someI couldn't work out, sometimes you get a vibe I guess. I also forgot to remove my glasses for the act. Whoops!

Kids half term last week so I was just chilling with them, starting putting beading on a bra for my act at The Shadow Gallery presents "DAY OF THE DEAD BURLESQUE" I have estimated it was going to take me about 8 hours but realistically it's going to be 20 odd hours and I am not entirely sure if it's going to be worth the effort. I do find sewing quite relaxing though.

If I was able to I think I would be able to do burlesque most weekends but I don't want to leave my children too much, they are my universe and I am scared I miss anything.

Done some DIY at the weekend, I am not actually too bad at it to be honest, built up my bed moved some stuff around but I think it has angered my womb!

Did a shoot with Deborah Sanders yesterday around Newcastle city centre. Will be sharing those images ASAP.