My Quirky Little Flat

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I have a weird love/hate relationship with my home, it's the right sort of size for me and the kiddywinks. Nice high ceilings, inoffensive carpet, (half) double glazed, recently installed kitchen and bathroom. Like me it is far from perfect, the floor bounces, it doesn't retain heat it's on a main road and my bedroom is teeny tiny. The floor is so bouncy that I can't have the washing machine on when I have dishes on the draining board. It does sort of feel like home, I have never felt at home anywhere, never really felt settled, which is why every six months I get this toe curling desire to leave or move start again. For the moment it's home, the kids like it and it's close to their school.

Anyway I did a shoot in my place and it came out a bit like this..

Also saw my boyfriend for a few days was all very pleasant, meant to do a shoot together but got cancelled due to weather, we don't get many pictures of us together which is darn shame because we so rarely get to see each other putting pictures up all over my dumbass flat is the main way I can keep focused on what is worthwhile in the relationship when I find it pretty difficult a lot of the time. Nick took some class photos of squiggles (aka squirrels) and also this funky image of me walking through a tunnel.

I also adore this abstracty piece by my babe called Alpha's Light, I won't explain the reason behind the title it's probably better to remain a mystery, definitely one of my favourite images by Nick. It makes me smile and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. You should also swing by his blog and follow his ramblings too.


Miss Matilda said...

beautiful photographs, I like the way you have styled these very much.